BOOK REVIEW | Sinsatiable

Sinstatiable by Shelia Lipsey Alisha Carlise is a dancer who’s always dreamed of having a dance studio. When she inherits a sum of money from her grandparents, she’s delighted to finally make her dream come true.  Aisha dream begins to crumble when the owner of the building, where she’s renting space for her studio, decides to sell it.  It becomes… Read more →

INTERVIEW | Katrina Spigner

Katrina, describe yourself for our visitors. "I am really a down-home "country girl"! I love spending quality time with my family. I also love to laugh and have fun. My hobbies include shopping and reading. I love worship music! My ministry is my writing and speaking. I am also a teacher at heart. So, I use my teaching gift as… Read more →

A Word About Prayer for Parents and Children Alike

VIEWS FROM THE CATBIRD SEAT A Word About Prayer for Parents and Children Alike by Alvin C. Romer As a parent, what are you doing for prayer to remain a staple in your household? For you young folk, are you allowing God to be your Savior through prayer? These are questions that need to be answered. I’m more than a… Read more →