Hill Harper Urges People to Make Sure Their Votes Will Count

HILL HARPER URGES PEOPLE TO MAKE SURE THEIR VOTES WILL COUNT By Hill Harper Washington, DC (BlackNews.com) – The 2008 presidential campaign has electrified voters throughout a long process, as Americans have experienced a series of political firsts including an African American major partypresidential nominee, a woman mounting a serious challenge for a presidential nomination and the GOP’s selection of… Read more →

INTERVIEW | Vanessa Davis Griggs

Vanessa, describe yourself for our visitors. I was born and still reside in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Growing up in a small community, I loved playing softball, reading, and dancing. Actually, I’ve always loved music. I grew up with gospel music and loving the music of Earth, Wind, & Fire which has always had a spiritual overtone with it. I… Read more →

INTERVIEW | Paulette Harper

Paulette, describe yourself? I am an ordained minister who loves God with all my heart. Some of my favorite hobbies are the obvious writing of course; I love playing board games, spades, attending movies as well as plays. I currently live in Northern California, single and enjoying the journey God has me on. I love jazz, gospel and some old… Read more →

Sex Sells, But Is It Worth the Cost?

SEX SELLS, BUT IS IT WORTH THE COST? By Jamie Morgan If sex sells, what’s the price tag? The estimated $3000 spent on pornography every second. Or perhaps for some it’s $200 an hour spent with a prostitute. Or could it be $5,000 for a 15-year-old Indian blushing bride via sex traffic. For others it could be 15 years of… Read more →

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Playwright Jeanette Hill stops over at Written Voices Blog to tell us about her current production, The Silent City. Our current play, entitled The Silent City, focuses on several very sensitive issues, relating to domestic violence and dating abuse…among Christians. Both women and men are victims of this disease but are afraid to step forward because of the reaction of… Read more →