In the Trenches Trolling for Gems

Brown Bookshelf Opens Submissions for 2009 28 Days Later Campaign When The Brown Bookshelf (BBS), a website designed to push awareness of the myriad of African American voices writing for…Read more

INTERVIEW | Stephanie L. Jones

Stephanie, describe yourself for our visitors. First and foremost, I am a child of God. More and more I’m beginning to understand what that means, and it excites me! Besides…Read more

The Queen Esther Movement

Bride Of His Son Ministries announces two fresh, innovative Websites geared towards urban (all ethnicities) Christian pre-teen, teen and college entry-level females who need encouragement to strive to live Biblically…Read more

It’s a New Season

It’s a New Season by Pastor Sam Livingston One of the most intriguing things I believe is the changing of the seasons. We all experience winter, spring, summer and fall…Read more