Were You Broke When The Economy Was Good?

WERE YOU BROKE WHEN THE ECONOMY WAS GOOD?By Dante Lee, Black Business Coach www.DanteLee.com Many people were struggling financially when the economy was booming, but are still struggling now. Suddenly though, they feel very comfortable blaming their situation on the bad economy. Conduct an honest self-evaluation. Are you broke because of the bad economy or because of the following other… Read more →

5 Easy Tips to Avoid Over-eating This Season

5 EASY TIPS TO AVOID OVER-EATING THIS SEASON By Makeisha Lee, Health and Nutritional Advisor The change of the seasons alone is enough to cause some people to overeat, especially those in cold climates. Combine this with the stress of the economy, the holidays, and an abundance of seasonal foods – and the temptation can become very overwhelming for some…. Read more →

INTERVIEW | Michael Taylor

Michael, describe yourself for our visitors. Listen to a message from the Michael Taylor. I consider myself to be an irrepressible optimist that always finds the positive in any situation. I have a deep passion for learning new things and I truly enjoy teaching others. I have always been a teacher at heart and my books are just a way… Read more →

BOOK REVIEW | Sinsatiable

Sinstatiable by Shelia Lipsey Alisha Carlise is a dancer who’s always dreamed of having a dance studio. When she inherits a sum of money from her grandparents, she’s delighted to finally make her dream come true.  Aisha dream begins to crumble when the owner of the building, where she’s renting space for her studio, decides to sell it.  It becomes… Read more →