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About the Book

Roya Whitmore has never had dreams like this before. Could her husband, Solomon, be cheating on her, after three kids and another on the way? More dreams come, and the events of her everyday life begin to match the events foretold in her dreams. As they do, she sees a path of faith and resilience that she never realized existed.

She joins the Alliance Crusaders for Christ, founded by her pastor, Isaiah Williams. She learns that their stated purpose as evangelists is only part of a deeper mission, to prepare the Church to survive the last days.

Throughout this series of apocalyptic novels, there will be references to things you know to be true, and extrapolations to things that are likely to occur. This first book of the Miss the Mark Series places, in fictional setting, things that do occur in the lives of people who follow Christ, along with miracles and gifts from God. We are never perfect, but we know the One who guides our lives. 


Anticipated Release Date: October 22, 2016*
Print ISBN: 978-1-945822-00-1
eBook ISBN: 978-1-945822-01-8

About the Author

Adrienna Turner is an award-winning author and book reviewer. She is currently a state law librarian, Dream your Reality speaker and prophetess, and advocates for young people, as well as the cessation of human trafficking. She is a former magazine writer for both print and online, Religious Examiner writer, radio host of 3 Internet BlogTalkRadio programs. She has published her first series: Miss the Mark, book 1, Tormented Dreams under her ministry, Dream Your Reality Prophecies. She has former acting experience in high school drama and as Phoenicia in the musical: Fame. She’s also starred in a stage production for nearly two years as Drina in the Are You Ready? stage play.

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