INTERVIEW | I Was Built for This: My Journey to Victory by Letisha Galloway @letisha_nicole

image002Letisha, tell us about your book, I Was Built for This: My Journey to Victory?

I Was Built for This chronicles my life as a double amputee, domestic violence survivor, the loss of my only child, and many other pivotal moments in my life. It is a story about overcoming obstacles in order to reach an appointed God given destiny.

How long did it take to write your book, I Was Built for This: My Journey to Victory?

It took me two months to write I Was Built for This once I committed to the process.

How did you develop the idea into a full length story?

I started out writing in my journal about my life experiences and then it became a book. My book is autobiographical. It is the story of my life.

What other books have you authored?

Tell us about them. I have been a part of eight anthologies. I coauthored books titled When New Life Begins: Pushing Past the Old and Embracing the New, Family Ties, The Missing Piece: A Life Transformed, The Missing Piece in Forgiveness, The Missing Piece in Bouncing Back, The Missing Piece in Self Love, The Praise Literary Collection and a book that is near and dear to my heart No Test No Testimony presented by Imani Faith Publishing.

How do you as a writer find your way into a story?

brainstorm. I take my journal and for an hour or two write down every idea. I take a break then I start the story. I just flow. I don’t worry about the mechanics of writing during my first draft. I just write.  The hard part is deciding to get started.

Do you use an outline or do you let your story unfold naturally?

I do not use a formal outline. I write down ideas in a journal or note pad and go from there.


How many hours a week do you devote to writing, including research?

I Was Built For ThisI devote a minimum of ten hours a week to writing and research.

How do you keep a balance between family, work, and writing?

I’m a single lady so it’s not too challenging to balance my work and writing.

What literary organizations or writers groups would you recommend to writers in your genre?

A nice place to start is to join literary groups on facebook. In the facebook groups people post information about other groups and organizations else is a bonus.

How can others reach you?

What last words of encouragement would you like to leave with our listeners?

Every person has a God given destiny. Maybe you have experienced some setbacks in life but it’s not the end for you there is hope. You can go after your dreams but it’s going to take boldness. Keep moving, keep pushing and you will arrive at your destination.

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