INTERVIEW | M. Ann Ricks, author of The Shift

INTERVIEW | M. Ann Ricks, author of The Shift

M. Ann RicksTell us about yourself.

I’m M. Ann Ricks, a woman redeemed and set free by the life-giving and life-changing blood of Jesus Christ. I’m a wife, mother, Christian Fiction novelist and “Godspirational” speaker, endeavoring to live for Christ ON PURPOSE as a literary vessel, providing Christian literature that will not only entertain but encourage, enlighten, emancipate and prayerfully restore!

How do you find time to connect with God?

Life is most certainly busy for all of us but I have come to realize that making time with God must be a priority. Spending time with Jesus is a necessity especially for those of us who need to hear from Him to write effectively. In the morning, after the my sons go to school and my husband is in his office, I simply sit on the side of my bed and just tell Him how wonderful He is! I thank Him for His protection and His love and then read a passage that is whispered to my heart. Should mornings not be opportune, I take long showers. I know it seems crazy but I simply stand in the shower. I talk to him briefly, am then quiet, immersing myself in the water and His presence and listen. Time to connect with God is of the essence!

Who are your favorite authors? Favorite books?

J. California Cooper is one of my favorite authors. She is a master storyteller and a writer who succeeds in making the reader an active participant in her stories .”The Wake of the Wind” written by Ms. Cooper is one of my all time favorite novels. Michele Andrea Bowen is my unofficial literary mentor. I love her and her books as she isn’t afraid of sharing the truth of God’s word! She is a bold sister in Christ! Her approachability, honesty and imagination is a blessing! (“Church Folk” and” Holy Ghost Corner”) Frank Peretti is also one of my favorite authors as he truly has the gift to share with his reader what is transpiring in the supernatural. His books have blessed me as they have provided much spiritual insight. (“The Oath” and “Piercing the Darkness”)

Tell us about your journey to publication.

Inwardly, I knew that I was not destined to be a “corporate woman” and when my position a group insurance account rep was eliminated company wide, I had inkling that it was God-ordained, at least for me. Years prior to this event, I’d resolved to reconnect with the Master and sought to draw nigh to Him. I don’t think I would have been able to really hear God if I hadn’t been reconnected to Him. “Tell the world about Me with the words I will give you,” is what I heard. Believing that God would give me the words, I began to write my first book; Awesome Wonder: The Gift of Remembrance. My husband said something that enables me to write with confidence; “If God told you to write, then write, and stand on His promises.” I’m so excited and honored to be used by God to spread His message with the stories that I create. I will continue to do so for as long as He provides me with the storie s and the words that will draw all men to Him.

Tell us about your current book.

The ShiftThere is a sense of urgency in the atmosphere as God is transitioning what the world has deemed impossible and unbelievable into the possible and the believable. Pastor Douglass and his family have been chosen for such a supernatural transition but because of the dense fog of deception that seems to surround them, some in the Douglass family have created their own beliefs, fabricating their own sense of self; negating the truth, God’s truth, even when truth is staring them in the face. They, like many, are living lives devoid of the knowledge of who they really are and robbing themselves and those they love of their true identity and freedom. Deeply embedded lies from enemy have blinded eyes, impaired hearing and hardened hearts and Angels from the army of God have been deployed. Dreams, supernatural revelation and actual attacks from man’s ultimate foe will expose all and confirm God’s plan for Xion, Veronica, Zeborah, Bo an d Pastor Douglas. Can they handle the truth and surrender? The lives of the Douglass family will never be the same and neither will you, because of THE SHIFT!”

How did you come up with ideas for this book?

Honestly, as I began to write THE SHIFT, the ideas just started flowing. I’ve always wanted to incorporate the truth of the supernatural into my writing. I want people to see past what they can physically visualize in the “natural”. Knowing that there is underlying spiritual aspect to everything that one may encounter is essential. Believe it or not, I had a totally different premise…. But GOD! He knows what He’s doing and I’m learning to be obedient.  There’s nothing like the HOLY SPIRIT! Each idea for THE SHIFT was a divine whisper.

What valuable lessons do you want readers to learn from your book?

It is my hope that people will realize while reading THE SHIFT that God is not just an ideal or unapproachable entity. God, the Creator of everything is REAL and most importantly Jesus is waiting. His love is unending. He is an EVER present HELP in the time of our greatest challenge. We have the awesome opportunity to be everything God says we are because of Jesus’ unstoppable and unshakable affection towards us. He can suddenly change (hence, THE SHIFT) our lives into ones of true purpose. Lives that will give Him glory! All He desires is a YES!

What’s next for you?

I have begun working on my fifth novel, “Not Even DEATH!”

Please tell us where we can connect with you online.

My website address is:

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