INTERVIEW | Sheldon Newton, author of Be Ye Transformed

INTERVIEW | Sheldon Newton, author of Be Ye Transformed

167823_1636464989218_3342038_nSheldon, tell us about yourself.

Bishop Sheldon D. Newton was born to Mr. Roland Newton (deceased) and Mrs. Rose Nell Newton. He attended the St. Paul’s Baptist Church in Fox Hill, Nassau, Bahamas, when he gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of thirteen. Shortly thereafter, he received the baptism with the Holy Spirit and Fire, an experience that changed his life forever. Spiritual hunger motivated Bishop Newton to give himself consistently to studying the Word of God, prayer and fasting, and to learning more about the Lord from those who were in Christ before him.

The call of God came to Bishop Newton at the age of fourteen, and he began to teach the Word of God with clarity and boldness. He served as the leader of the Student Christian Movement in L. W. Young Jr. Sr. High School for three years. After graduating from High School, he began to work in the Construction Field, but the fire of God’s call could not be extinguished. Some precious saints of God from a local church in Nassau began seeking a deeper walk with Christ. Bishop Newton was invited to attend and participate in these meetings. It was here that his ministry in Christ Jesus started to flourish. Many received the mighty baptism with the Holy Spirit and the supernatural became a common occurrence during the sessions held there.

The Word of God was taught with the Anointing of God, and the power of the Lord was demonstrated so mightily that people came from around New Providence to join in the meetings and behold the wonders of God. From there, the Lord opened doors in the Family Islands, the United States of America, and the British Virgin Islands,
Both Bishop Newton and his wife, Pastor Jennifer Monique were ordained to the sacred Gospel Ministry at New Life Christian Center, by Apostle Douglas Cleare and Dr. Betty L. Cleare, where they served as Elders for over fifteen years. They have been in active ministry for the Lord, travelling throughout the Family Islands, the United States of America and the British Virgin Islands for over thirty-two years. In April, 2005, Bishop Sheldon and Pastor Jennifer strongly sensed the Lord’s calling to begin Jesus Christ Centered Ministries International, a work that God had placed in Bishop Sheldon’s heart many years before. They were sent out from New Life Christian Center to begin this work.

The purpose of Jesus Christ Centered Ministries International is to feed the flock of God, raising up effective leaders, living by the standard of His Word and the utterance of His Voice, manifesting His power, setting others free.

In addition to this, Bishop Newton serves as the overseer of several churches, and adviser to various pastors and ministers of the Gospel. He is the prolific author of over nine book, including, Be Ye Transformed, Humility & the Honor of God, Diligence to the Things of God, I’ve Got His Word, and I’m not afraid to use it and My Name is Jealous.


How do you find time to connect with God?

It is my utmost joy and privilege to spend time with the Lord every morning in His Word and prayer. This is how I begin my day. I love Him and spending time with Him is the greatest joy of my life.

Who are your favorite authors? Favorite books?

Some of my favorite authors include:

  • Dr. Myles Munroe
  • Kenneth Copeland
  • Kenneth Hagin Sr. (deceased)
  • Smith Wigglesworth (deceased)

Tell us about your journey to publication.

I began writing books well over ten to fifteen years ago. My first book is Diligence to the Things of God. I find publishing very interesting. I have written and published nine books and counting, most of which, so far, are self-published. I have one with a traditional publisher, Strang Communications, namely Humility and the Honor of God. I write to help others know God, and grow up in Christ. This is why I do it. And I have two additional books which I have just written, which I hope to publish next year.

Picture of Be Ye TransformedTell us about your current book.

The name of my new book is Be Ye Transformed, published by Zoe Life Publications. Here is a little information about it:


So many people are struggling in their walk with Christ. Some of them are wondering if they are going to make it. Bombarded by the lusts of the flesh, the things of an ungodly world system, and even tormented by the devil concerning past sins and failures, many believers are not experiencing the true joy of the Lord as they should.

I understand. My name is Bishop Sheldon D. Newton, and I have been serving the Lord for over thirty years. When I gave my life to Christ, I too encountered challenges which attempted to lure me away from God step by step, and sometimes even by force. (Don’t misunderstand me, I still encounter trails and temptations just like every other believer). But now, I have learned, through the Word of God, how to conquer and win. Jesus has provided us all that we need to live the Kingdom way. But without the Knowledge of God we will live defeated.

Living for Christ was difficult for me until I discovered, in the Bible, the keys to victorious Christian living. And I would like to share them with you. In my new book, Be Ye Transformed, I share what I have learned after many years of walking with Jesus, and over thirty years of studying and teaching God’s Word. I want to help you. And I sincerely believe that you will benefit immensely from the truths, all from the Word of God, as they are laid out here.

If you are battling your flesh, and need to know how to bring it under subjection to God’s Will and keep it there, then get your hands on this practical and life-changing book today.

Here are some of the things you will learn:

  • The difference between your spirit, soul & body
  • How to Change how you think & Change your life forever
  • How to know you are saved, & walk in your new nature
  • How to know God intimately for yourself.
  • How to develop in the fruit of the Spirit
  • How to Make Your Body Behave
  • How to Renew Your Mind to God’s Will & Ways
  • How To Hear God’s Voice for yourself.

If you truly desire a closer walk with Jesus and to live the Kingdom lifestyle, then you are about to have an adventure. This life-transforming book will give you the keys you need to draw close to Him, while at the same time, arming you with the supernatural power of God’s Word to walk away from those things which do not please God. BE YE TRANSFORMED.

How did you come up with ideas for this book?

As a Christian, and a minister of the Gospel for over thirty years, receiving Christ at the age of thirteen, I was asked numerous times to write concerning how to live for Christ successfully, victoriously. This was really the impetus for this book. I aim to write to help people know how to live for Christ and experience how wonderful He is in their everyday lives. So, this book was written mainly for three reasons:

  1. To show people how to be victorious in their walk with the Lord, renewing their minds to His Will and Ways, and bringing their bodies under subjection.
  2. To help people by providing practical Biblical information on how to live for Christ and get to know Him better day by day.
  3. I have written the book to help believers with the truths of the Bible which have helped me in my walk with Him thus far. The truths I discuss are very precious to me because they enabled me to learned what being a Christian is, and how to live this life victoriously.

What valuable lessons do you want readers to learn from your book?

It is my prayer that this book will do the following, and more:

  1. Show people that Jesus Christ is the only Savior and how to know Him personally.
  2. Understand the process of renewing our minds to God’s Will and Ways.
  3. Learn how to bring the flesh under subjection, and walk way from sins and habits which hinder their close walk with the Lord.
  4. Learn the power of God’s Word, and how spending time feeding on the Bible everyday can have a profound effect in their lives for the better.
  5. Understand the power of prayer and how, through prayer and the Word of God, they can develop a strong spiritual life in God. This is what is necessary to bring the body under subjection.

What’s next for you?

I am presently working on two more books and a Bible Course which will be used with BE YE TRANSFORMED.

Please tell us where we can connect with you online.


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