INTERVIEW | Adrienna Turner, author of The Day Begins with Christ

INTERVIEW | Adrienna Turner, author of The Day Begins with Christ

420783_10150642561602390_203998328_nAdrienna, tell us about yourself.

I love to read books! I am a voracious, avid reader, and review books I typically read. Every time you see me, or get to know me, I always have a BOOK on hand: either on phone, PC, tablet on Kindle app or physical copy. I recently discovered that I’m an INJT (meaning Introvert, intuitive, judging, thinker) after taking a personality test. I am a teacher at heart. Currently, I teach Bible Study at Spirit Life Church (SLC) and virtual ministry lessons on DYRP Midnight Hour (also can be found under free podcasts on iTunes).

I keep God in my equation(s): career, life, family, and everything I do!

How do you find time to connect with God?

Daily, I know I have to find time with God. There are times where if I become too busy, His low voice will speak to my mind or heart and direct me to do so. He also talks to me in my dreams, and clearly know when I need to rest and take time aside for only Him. Even if we do His work, follow-thru with His divine calling for our lives, we cannot get sidetracked or overwhelmed with this project without spending time with our Creator.

I also have to take a sabbatical periodically, and one day a week to honor the Sabbath. God even tells us in the book of Genesis, he worked for six days but rested on the seventh. Therefore, as His creation, we are to do the same.

Who are your favorite authors? Favorite books

I have numerous authors that I love and so many favorite books. To name a few favorite authors are: Vanessa Davis Griggs, Vanessa Miller, Tyora Moody, Bill Winston, Joyce Meyer, Richard Wright, Langston Hughes, Alice Walker, Zora Hurston, Vanessa Richardson, Francine Rivers, and myself.

Favorite reads/books: Black Boy by Richard Wright; Goodness and Mercy also Wings of Grace by Vanessa Davis Griggs; Antebellum by R. Kayeen Thomas.

Tell us about your journey to publication.

I started out self-publishing since late 2003, and six of my projects were done by AuthorHouse (available as both eBook and books). My YA inspirational drama was published by a small press publication under pen name. Then, “Unleashing the Spirits” is only available through author or websites by author as an eBook version (Volumes 1-3). Therefore, I have authored and published 10 books during 2004-2011.

I recently was signed to a new small print publisher for my YA inspirational drama to be re-released under a “new title” by summer 2014.

daybeginswchristTell us about your current book, The Day Begins with Christ?

The Day Begins with Christ is an inspirational nonfiction book. It focuses on Christian men and women who want to learn about what it takes to be a Christian, or follow Jesus Christ. It is a 50-day journey that also strengthens the Christian faith. Each day gives references from the Bible in layman terms on what Jesus meant.

The second part is “Let your Day Begin with Christ” which gives a challenging activity to the readers everyday.

This book also builds each person’s character, journey on their godly path, and encourages one to see what they can work on to be a better man or woman.

How did you come up with ideas for this book?

The title came while sitting in a church service. Then, God outlined the titles for the chapters, concept, and then I had to research and write the book. Later, after two previous edits, I met another editor to help with superb ideas on development, to change the chapters to days, where it changes the outlook of the book as a whole. This can be considerably a devotional because you are reading each section on a particular subject and imparting these activities on a daily basis instead of reading it per chapter.

What valuable lessons do you want readers to learn from your book?

The valuable lesson to be taken is that God loves you, created you, and in order to show our love back to Him, “we are to follow his commandments” of which this book outlines nearly every area in your daily lives that lines up with the Bible. Therefore, once we KNOW then we can GROW in Christ, become mature believers and abide to His Word.

What’s next for you?

Currently, I am working on children books for 10-12 year olds that teaches them not just morals but about love, faith, and hope as I’ve been commanded to write as a whole. I’m also working on the apocalyptic thrillers behind-the-scenes since late 2006, and only have up to two more books to write out of seven series. Miss the Mark Series (working titles): Dream’s Reality (book 1), Outcry Shalom! (book 2), Souls Lost to the Mark (book 3), In the Nick of Time (book 4), Diabolical Invasion (book 5), and now working on book 6: Bloodshed in Armageddon, and Christ Coming (book 7). I am diligently seeking a publisher for these series. Once completion of these series, I will focus on another series with a supernatural thriller twist called “The Guardian Watch.”

Expect a new release in 2014 for my Young Adult project under Dream Summore.

Please tell us where we can connect with you online.

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