THE JOURNEY | The Day of Decrees

THE JOURNEY | The Day of Decrees

            Sound creates movement. Have you ever noticed that a radical praise, a radical hallelujah from the belly of a Believer shifts the atmosphere? Try it and see what happens. “Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered.” (Psalm 68:1 KJV).

            As you are expressing your praise of the greatness of God, the enemy thinks that he is control of certain elements in the earth realm. But the authority to shift, to suddenly bring in the heavenly invasion to the earth, forcing the transformation of the atmosphere is in your mouth. When you open your mouth, the Holy Spirit that is within you arises and floods the atmosphere causing the movement of the enemy. “So be subject to God. Resist the devil, stand firm against him, and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7 AMP).

            As a member of the praise and worship team at my church, it is the responsibility of the team to set the atmosphere for the man or woman of God to flow with the revelation word from God for the people. There is always a mixture in the realm of the spirit prior because some people come into the house with their minds wandering and not set on the purpose of the time of fellowship, which is to glorify and magnify God the Father, the son Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

            We must come in with expectation that God is speaking just for us corporately and individually. Come in and give the devil no place in the atmosphere. Evict him! My personal mindset is that I come in authority and with authority for the Spirit of God to dominate the atmosphere. If two or three are in agreement for the atmosphere, agreement for an extraordinary move of God, they will overrule and overthrow the enemy. The Lord comes in because we want Him and His presence. We are willing ready and positioned to fight in the spirit for the atmosphere. “For wherever two or three are gathered, drawn together as My followers in, into My name, the I AM in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:20 AMP).

            You have the power to create your atmosphere daily by decreeing the Word of God. In the Old Testament of the Bible, kings spoke decrees which was written and then spoken into the atmosphere. We are kings in the earth realm through the redemption of the blood of Jesus Christ, who is King of Kings. “And has made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.” (Revelation 5:10 KJV). “And You have made them a kingdom, royal race and priests to our God, and they shall reign as kings over the earth!” (AMP). We must recognize and know our position of authority in the earth realm. Upon this recognition, make a decisions based upon the Word of God and speak what He has said about you, for He is the King of Kings.  “You shall also decide and decree a thing, and it shall be established for you; and the light of God’s favor shall shine upon your ways.” (Job 22:28). Know who you are and your heritage!

            The idea for this article came from instruction from the Holy Spirit. I began to speak daily decrees. Now we know that the Body of Christ has been declaring and decreeing the Word for some time now with sporadic results or manifestations. But I began this under obedience with faith expecting kingdom manifestations and damage to the work of the enemy. I will keep speaking because God’s Word contains creative power and it will penetrate the realm of the spirit causing the breakthrough to flood my life. Speak it until you see it! Let the Word break up whatever the enemy is using to hinder, resist, or sabotage what God has for you. “Is not My word like fire that consumes all that cannot endure the test? Says the Lord, and like a hammer that breaks in pieces the rock of most stubborn resistance?” (Jeremiah 23:29 AMP).

            The Word is activated in the atmosphere, the unseen realm of the spirit when I speak in faith. Actually my spirit speaks because of the born again experience and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, who constantly dwells and abides within constantly molding and making me into His image. When the Word is spoken all of creation recognizes who is speaking. God is a spirit and He needs His sanctified and consecrated vessels to operate in the earth realm. Begin by taking authority over your day. Speak your day!

            This is the day that the Lord has given me. This is the day that the Lord has made and it was created for purpose. As He has allowed me to be a part of the day, my purpose shall be manifested and not be hindered in anyway by anyone. Everything that has been ordained and written in the Book of Life concerning me for this day shall manifest without misdirection or sabotage by the enemy in any form, In The Name of Jesus. This day, I will walk in the calling and the anointing bestowed from the throne room for the purpose of the day with completion of the assignment for the kingdom. This day, everything that pertains to life and godliness through the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ comes to me now as it has already been given. This day, I am more than a conqueror. This day, the exceeding great and precious promises that are provided for me to partake in the divine nature will propel me and position me with the authority that was given to me to speak His word decreeing victory, as I tread upon serpents, scorpions and over all power of the enemy. This day, I decree that the best that God has for me manifests in its entirety, for He has performed the thing that is appointed for me. As I decree a thing it shall be established. This day, His thoughts towards me are good and not evil to give me the expected end that He has made ready and kept ready just for me. He has spoken it and He shall do it as He watches over His Word to perform it in my life, this day.


“Wise words are like deep waters; wisdom flows from the wise like a bubbling brook.”

(Proverbs 18:4 NLT)


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Becky DeWitt