HEALING IN THE VESSEL | Forgiveness Brings Forth Transformation

HEALING IN THE VESSEL | Forgiveness Brings Forth Transformation

The act of excusing, or pardoning others in spite of slights, short comings and errors…..Forgiveness (Nelson, T. (1995). R. Youngblood (Ed.), Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary (p. 461, vol. 1). Tennessee: Nelson Press).   God completely forgives our sins but do we completely forgive those who have brutalize, belittle, torn, rip, violated and trampled over our minds, bodies, and souls?    How does forgiveness look?  It looks like freedom.  A new beginning.  Changing your form!  Coming out of familiarity! Changing your mindset! Possessing what is new!   Forgiveness is Transformation!

Where do I start my healing process?  The healing process starts where the hurt first took place in your mind.  It was your mind that perceived and processed the pain of being raped, molested, betrayed, lied on, and manipulated.

My mind captivated every memory of how my innocence was stolen and how my trust was broken.   As my mind kept the mental picture, my heart held the physical pain as my soul carried the spiritual burden.  Then one day as I sat reflecting on my own slights, shortcomings, and errors I heard Jesus speak these words to me, “I have pardon thee of your sins.”

Scales dropped off my eyes and I wonder how could a Holy vessel look beyond my transgressions and take me under His wings.  It was then my mind conceived that my iniquities were taken away and my sins were purged (Isaiah 6:7).  My mind begins to be set free from all my painful memories.   Jesus was teaching me that forgiveness brings forth transformation.   My mind was no longer kept in bondage to my pain but it was set free to allow me to embrace my purpose.   A purpose of new beginnings.  A new beginning of not being locked down to a life of misery and bitterness but embracing a destiny of wholeness, a fresh start and a new me.

It was daily that I renewed my mind with the word of God.   Attending church services, revivals, Sunday school and noon day prayer learning: “For if ye forgive men their trespass, your heavenly Father will also forgive you” (Matthew 6:14).    The trespasses of those who hurt me was so deep until the pain turned into a seed watered with bitterness and grew into un-forgiveness and had taken a root into my mind, body, and soul.

How could forgiveness bring forth transformation?  How could transformation take place in my mind?  A change had to take place!   I had to come out of what was familiar to me pain, bitterness, resentment, and hate to posses what were new forgiveness, love, joy, and peace.

As I contemplated Jesus hanging on the cross I clenched on to my redemption.   My mind transformed and comprehend that I have “redemption through his blood” (Ephesians 1:7).   He delivered me from my transgressions so I must allow forgiveness to take place in my mind.    Once that took place my mind would be different, renewed, and free.

I now have the mind of Christ to look beyond my pain and see the need of those who hurt me.  The change had to begin in my mind and it allowed me to look through my new spiritual eyes.  I no longer kept my focus on what was past disappoints and hurts because I now realized forgiveness brought forth the transformation in my mind.  My renewed mind empowered me to live and not die.

As you empty your mind of anger, bitterness, resentment, and replace it with love and forgiveness you will see the manifestation of transformation.  I encourage you to allow your mind to be transformed with forgiveness and you shall reap the benefits of God exalting you and promoting you into newness in him that you have never experienced.  Once your mind has been transformed and free you will be able to see God’s anointing on your life as He provides you with new opportunities.

Though your mind may have been comprised of un-forgiveness and brokenness your renewed mind enlightens you in knowing your pain did not destroy you nor hinder you however it pushed you to Victory!  As Jesus asked his Heavenly Father to forgive those who crucified him, those who brutalized him, those who trampled over him he was transforming.   He no longer was bound to his physical body but he elevated to his spiritual body.  There on the cross a change took place prior to his elevation.  Therefore, if you do not allow your mind to perceive forgiveness there is no way your heart can receive forgiveness.

If you are awaiting a spiritual promotion remember forgiveness is the key to your elevation.  Once you receive your elevation your mind will go through a transformation allowing you to  come out of what was familiar and go forth to posses what is new!

You may ask “How would I know I have forgiven those who hurt me?”  You will know because what had you chained and bound, no longer constrains you!

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