THE GROWING WRITER | What Authors Should Expect by Aleysha Proctor

THE GROWING WRITER | What Authors Should Expect by Aleysha Proctor

In the years that I’ve been writing and promoting my four books, I’ve learned a thing or two about the writing industry and what authors should expect:

Expect change. The literary world is constantly changing. Gone are the days when someone should wait around until a publishing house decides to take a chance on your manuscript and publish your book. Publish your own book. There are several self-publishing companies that can assist you. Actually, many of the giant publishing houses now have a self-publishing arm to their organization.

Many authors are considering the “hybrid author” model. Meaning you’ve self-published your works and may also have a deal with a publisher. Many authors who already have a deal are considering self-publishing some of their next projects.

Fall in love with marketing. If you don’t market your book and tell people about it, then who will? You’ll need to build your platform and social media networks in order to build your readership. Readers are important! If marketing isn’t your thing, then work with someone who specializes in this field. Don’t leave it out.

Consider blogging. Having a blog can be an avenue to meeting new readers for both your books and your blog. In addition, you can turn your blog posts into books or ebooks.

Build into your budget the funds to go to writing and/or blogging conferences.

Don’t think about being a one-hit wonder. Consider early on that you’ll write several books and seek out speaking engagements and book signings.

Develop the mindset that if it’s to be, then it’s up to you – and get your hustle on.

Never stop growing!

The short answer is write your books, sharpen your writing skills and build your platform. Don’t worry so much about getting a book contract and advance. If you can show that you’ve successfully sold thousands of your own books, have tons of reader reviews and readers, then chances are good that the book industry will take note.

About the Book

InspiredToMoveForward_CoverInspired to Move Forward is a book about God’s faithfulness. There are modern day and biblical accounts of when people were faced with some of their toughest battles, and yet, they still came out victorious

Many of the chapters come from the author’s writings for an online faith-based magazine. The chapters are short and easy to digest so that the reader can easily apply the principles in their own lives right away.

There’s also a “Where to Find It In the Bible” section so that the reader can start kingdom-living. It’s said that the kingdom of God is voice-activated. You’re going to have to say with your own mouth what God says about you. You’ll be encouraged to know that for every problem in life, there’s a promise from God.

About the Author

Aleysha R. Proctor is a Christian Inspirational author and lifestyle blogger. She published her first book, “With Style & Amazing Grace” in 2006. Later came “He’s the Keeper of My Soul” in 2008 and “Jazz, Java & Jesus” in 2009.

Aleysha’s work has inspired others to get through some of their most difficult and personal matters. One of her readers shared that as she was on her way to the emergency room that she grabbed her copy of “Jazz, Java & Jesus” to help keep her spirits high.

Aleysha resides in the Washington, DC metro area and can be found on most social media platforms @AleyshaProctor.

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    Hi Ty,

    Thanks so much for including my post for “The Growing Writer” during my book tour. I hope that aspiring writers can gleen some valuable information from it.

    God Bless you,

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      Thank you for letting Written Voices Voices blog be apart of your tour. You offered great advice!