And there sat a certain man at Lystra, IMPOTENT in his feet, being a cripple from his mother’s womb, who never had walked. — Acts 14:8

Lacking physical strength, vigor….I am just weak.  My power has been disabled to the point I can not act effectively.  I am helpless.  How did I become IMPOTENT?

Crippled as a child by family members who echo words that I would be nothing but an unruly child.  Those words totally unable I to use one or more spiritual gifts that God had placed inside of me.  Spiritually Impotent is my diagnosis.   Yes at an early I was impaired this was the plan of Satan to  keep me mentally and spiritually captive.

I was like the man who sat at Lystra Impotent in his feet, being cripple from his mother’s womb, who had never walked (Acts 4:9).  I grew up in a state of fear being afraid for God to use me.  I believed what the elders said about me how could a child who was sassy from the lips be of use for such a Holy righteousness God.  There was no good that the man called Jesus could find in a country girl like me.  I was like the pigs in our back  yard that waddled in mud all day.  For you see the mud of words that people dump into my spirit kept me feeling not worthy for my Father’s use.

I had been wounded in my sprit left impaired and flawed so failure was my destiny that Satan project for me.   I attended church still incapacitated by negative words but there was something about Alter Call that quickened my paralyze spirit.  Was it because the cross became the Altar for I was told by the Pastor that Jesus shed His blood for me.

I knew I had to make to the Alter but  I was Impotent, who would come along the pew and help me to step out?  As I watched others walking freely towards the Alter tears poured down my face because nobody came to assist me to the Altar.

As I remain destabilize, demoralize and dishearten I heard a small still voice whispered “Go forth!”  I step from between the Pews  pressing through the crowds and falling down at the Alter I felt a moving of water bursting forth from my soul.  It was crippleness, feebleness, and powerlessness been broken off of me.  I was being made whole.

Many of you are Impotent.  Still unable to go forth spiritually due to molestation, rape, negative words, low self esteem, physical and verbal abuse.  Satan has stolen your spiritual strength only to paralyze you from going forth in your ministry.  Satan has undermined you into believing that you are incapable for God’s use but he is a liar.  God is not looking for perfection but humility and a vessel that is willing to allow him to make you over.

As I reflect upon my own Impotent state I realized that Satan wanted me to remain in an ineffective position so I would forfeit my destiny.  Don’t linger in your feeble position another second, hour, minute, day, year, month or season! Arise because God said you are powerful and effective for his purpose and plan.  Know that through Christ Jesus you can do all things therefore step out and step into your purpose.  As you allow the Holy Spirit to become your comforter and compass you will began to experience that living water that keeps flowing from your belly pushing you to fulfill the assignments that God has prepared for your hands to accomplish.   Satan wants you to remain Impotent because in that condition you are blind to the promise of God and you will wither and not live to declare the works of God.

I arose out of Impotency into  the position that God had for me even before I was conceived in my mother’s womb and so shall you!