WordPress.com or WordPress.org

Are you an author? Do you need a website? Are you looking for a website that you own and can easily maintain yourself? Well, I hope today’s blog post is helpful to you.

I installed my first WordPress website in 2005. It was my personal blog and like many others, I fell in love with the open source platform. It had a few quirks here and there, but it was a big improvement from the world of HTML coding I had entered back in 1997.  It also beat investing in pricey products to design websites.

Since my first installation, I have built all my business websites and literary blogs on the WordPress self-hosted platform. WrittenVoicesBlog.com and my personal author website, TyoraMoody.com is built on WordPress.

In 2009, I made a decision to gradually stop maintaining websites for my author clients so I could focus on writing. WordPress was my first choice to use as a content management system. WordPress is easy to install, but it is a powerful product. When I began building my client’s websites with WordPress, I realized at some point I would have to help them with the learning curve WordPress presents to newbies. My main goal was to teach them how to successfully maintain their own websites. Thus,DIYwithTy.com was born. 🙂

One of the first lessons I tackled in a WordPress Basics eCourse was the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

Check out the video below.


If you are looking to set-up a quick online presence or blog, there are free platforms available like Blogger.com and WordPress.com. WordPress.com probably provides the best selection of themes and features to those who sign-up as members. With the ability to create pages, it’s not hard to create a simple website alongside a blog. Domain name forwarding and very simple customization are offered for an annual fee. The platform is really excellent, but like any free service, there are limitations.


Did you know you could download and install WordPress for free?  The software is open-source, meaning that tons of developers around the world have the opportunity to create products like themes and plugins. This is the beauty of using the self-hosted version of WordPress. Your world is open to thousands and thousands of features that you can use to create your very own customized version. The investment starts with purchasing (1) a domain name and (2) webhosting.

I hope this helps if you have currently been looking to use WordPress for your author website.