Group Blog

Group Blog

Do you want to blog, but you find the task daunting? No fears!

A great blogging option is when a group of writers or bloggers unite together to create a community blog.  These are known as group-authored blogs. Each contributing writer can be assigned one day a week (or month) to add a blog post.  Often opportunities arise for guest bloggers too. This is pretty much the way has grown since 2006.

I really enjoy visiting blogs where you can read a variety of posts from aspiring to veteran writers. Below are a few blogs that follow this model. I have included the blogging platform used in [ ]. I write suspense, so I follow quite a few suspense and mystery blogs. Just in case you notice! 🙂

Jungle Red Writers
Blog – []
Contributors – See the top of the website

Murder She Writes
Blog – []
Contributors –  See left side and top of the website

Novel Rocket
Blog – []

Blog – []
Contributors – (Authors names on right)

The Kill Zone
Blog – []
Contributors – See right side bar

Setting up a Group-Authored Blog

If you use WordPress, here is a video that walks you through setting up contributors (users) to your blog.

If you want to learn more about using the self-hosted version of WordPress, check out the eCourse below.