How Authors Can Grow a Blog Audience

A blog can serve as a hub (a central point) or a website companion for building an online platform. If you have a certain niche or topic that you write about in your books, a blog offers a great way to attract an audience. Many authors will use blogs to help other writers by posting about their personal publishing journey or writing tips. If writing daily or several times a week for a blog doesn’t appeal to you, consider video blogging. Videos are really easy to create these days via a webcam or your smartphone camera.

To get started with blogging, you want to choose where you want your blog hosted. Some popular places are:

After you set-up your blog, the next challenge comes in terms on how to bring traffic to your blog. Don’t expect people to flock to your blog overnight. You will need to dedicate time if you are serious about using this as a platform.

Here are five (5) ways an author can grow a blog audience:

(1) Be consistent.

Do keep in mind if you decide to blog, plan to post content regularly at least 2-4 times a week. People will visit your blog if they find you are posting quality information on a consistent basis.

(2) Post to Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

If you use the popular website platform, WordPress, you can install plugins that push out links to your blog posts as soon as they are published. You may want to consider signing up for a tool like to schedule posts. There’s nothing wrong with posting the link to your blog more than once. Just don’t overdo it!  Include social media icons on your blog that allow readers/visitors to easily share your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.

(3) Guest blog.

Guest blog on high-traffic blogs in your area of interest.  Be on the lookout for opportunities or query  blog owners to ask if they would be interested in posting guest bloggers.  Be sure to include your website in a brief bio so people can find out more information about you and your book.

(4) Article Marketing.

Try article marketing. Re-purpose some of your blog posts into articles and submit them to popular directories like

(5) Email marketing.

Remember email is still a major form of online communication for most adults. You can use email marketing services like or to offer subscriptions to your blog’s RSS Feed.

If you have a blog that is writing-related, feel free to leave a link in the comment section.  Happy blogging!