BLOG TOUR | K. E. Allen

BLOG TOUR | K. E. Allen

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About the Book

How does a person move from a place deficient of light?  How can an individual shift from a place of complete and utter chaos, obscurity, apathy, and adversity?  The pathway to transformation is through in-depth conversations with the One True God of Creation–El·ō·hēm’.  For you to move to a place of prophetic providence, your conversation must be divinely inspired.  Hebrews 11:3 states: “The worlds were framed by the Word of God.”  Framing begins with an idea, expands as a result of the imagination, and gives life through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit through divine utterance for a specific purpose.  Declaring the Word of God releases the creative power of God for authentic transformation.

K. E. Allen designed this book to draw you into a deeper conversation with the Father to renew your prayer life, mend your brokenness, enlighten your pathway, and arrange your chaos according to the divine order of God. This resource will help you exercise your kingly and priestly authority and impose kingdom mandates to release God’s original intent in your life, family, community, city, region, and nation.  It will encourage you to frame your prophetic destiny.

About the Author 

K. E. ALLEN has proven to be an incredible, spiritual force in the Kingdom of God by displaying a God given indomitable spirit to change atmospheres and environments. Through the extraordinary gift of intercession and pure worship, she has become a spiritual weapon in the hand of the Lord whose knowledge is relevant for the church today. She is a dynamic leader, extravagant worshiper and prophetic intercessor whose worship has become a definitive lifestyle that penetrates and permeates every facet of her life and the lives of those she touches.

Karla is a leader to leaders and lives a life of committed consistent intercession, giving selflessly of herself in her prayer closet.  For over 20 years, as a student and teacher of the Word and woman of faith, she implements the truth of the Bible through the dynamics of intercession and worship that releases a tangible anointing.  Knowing firsthand the transformative power of God in her own life, she is determined to see others healed, delivered and set free. Karla will stop at nothing to see God move in the lives of His people!

Karla, tell us about your book.

Conversations of A Watchman is designed to:

  • Draw you into a deeper conversation with the Father.
  • Strengthen and renew your prayer life.
  • Mend your brokenness, and enlighten your pathway.
  • Arrange your life according to the divine order of God.

In short, Conversations of A Watchman is a resource that teaches one how to declare the Word of God and to release the creative power of God for authentic transformation.

How did you come up with ideas for this book?

In my personal prayer times, I often spend time just listening, waiting, and expecting God to speak because I live by the principle that prayer is conversational. It was during one of those moments that I received the idea for Conversations of a Watchman.

What do you think readers will learn/ discover from reading your book

As readers prayerfully decree, declare and meditate on the prayers and principles in Conversations of a Watchman, I pray they are stirred to develop a deeper dimension of conversational intimacy with God, which will enable them to experience maximum transforming results in their lives and in the lives of those around them.

What inspired you to write this book?

I have a passion to see the heart of God displayed in the lives of others. But, that only comes from good old fashion relationship. So, in this season in my life, I simply desire to demonstrate the power that is available to those who learn to exercise believing prayer — prayer full of faith.

What’s next for you?

I am currently working on two projects. The first one is the second volume to Conversations of a Watchman. I won’t give away the subtitle, though. The second project is top-secret.

Where can visitors find you on line?


website: www.


Twitter: @fresh_reign

How can someone get a copy of your book ?

Print Version

e-book version


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