THE GROWING WRITER | Inching Forward by Tia McCollors

THE GROWING WRITER | Inching Forward by Tia McCollors

Inching Forward

I’ve finally found a way to describe myself. I’ve got big city style with a country girl smile! After moving from a small town in North Carolina to the sprawling city of Atlanta, I’ve gotten used to traffic. But I still don’t like it. Traffic here is inevitable. Even with the best-laid plans to arrive early, a highway snag will cause you to be “fashionably late,” even if it wasn’t your intention.

I used to have mental maps planned for my journey in life. Sometimes, (according to my own calculations and goals), I arrived “late” to certain destinations. Even now, there are certain things I thought I would’ve already accomplished in my life. Along the way, I’ve been caught up in a few traffic jams. A stall in the road. Sometimes they were caused by my own volition; other times by someone else’s. Yet, it’s important to keep moving. An inch at a time is better than standing still.


Read more about Inching Forward in Tia’s newest e-book devotional, If These Shoes Could Talk. It’s available now to download to your Kindle or to your Kindle reading apps. To learn more about Tia and her books, visit her website at or connect with her online on the following social media outlets:

What Others Are Saying

In If These Shoes Could Talk, Tia McCollors gives you bite-sized wisdom – just enough to inspire you for today and strengthen you for tomorrow – and practical questions and scripture to help you unearth your potential.
~ Valorie Burton, bestselling author of Successful Women Think Differently and What’s Really Holding You Back?

The If These Shoes Could Talk devotionals will help you see God’s mighty shoe-prints in your everyday life and focus more on the path He so desperately wants us to walk. And Tia’s sense of humor makes the journey all the more enjoyable.
~ Michelle Stimpson, national bestselling author of Falling Into Grace

Looking for encouragement and practical advice on how to strengthen your relationship with God?

If These Shoes Could Talk is the perfect light for your path.  Tia McCollors writes with grace, humor and an inviting faith that draws you toward the heart of God. While reflecting on gems from her life’s journey, she gently nudges readers to do the same. Wherever you are in your faith walk, this devotional will bless you – as it did me!
~ Stacy Hawkins Adams, author of Coming Home, The Someday List and Who Speaks to Your Heart?


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  1. Missy at 5:23 am

    OMG I love that cover Tyora did you do this one as well……it is sure to jump right into the hands of us readers..LOL

    Look at the Holy Spirit I have been looking for a devotional and I’m directed right to one….I love how He does that…LOL

    I just heard a fitness coach say about Arthritis, the best treatment is to KEEP IT MOVING!!!!
    We;; awritey!!! payday come on momma need this devotional and I want the book not the ebook…LOL

    • WVB Editor at 6:26 am

      Hey Missy! No, I didn’t do this book cover. I love it as well and look forward to checking out Tia’s first nonfiction project.

      Thank you for stopping by Written Voices Blog. I always enjoy your comments.