INTERVIEW | Ton'e Brown

INTERVIEW | Ton'e Brown

Ton’e, describe yourself for our visitors. 

I am strong spiritual engraved child of God. I operate on the principle of becoming my best self by living my life on purpose and using the knowledge of Gods Word as my road map. I believe that in order to live your best life, you must be true to yourself with gratitude towards life. I take heed to the smallest blessing with appreciate as if it is the biggest gift God could have chosen me to receive. I take nothing for granted because I recognize nothing is promised except Gods unconditional love given to me with every breath.

How do you find time to connect with God? 

“My time” is connecting with God. It’s an every breath connection for me.

I accepted Jesus as my Lord and savior at the age of nine during a summer visit with my grandmother. A storm hit so hard one evening that I took off running into the closet after the loudest thunder I have ever heard. My heart skipped several beats as I lay shaking. My grandmother came to pull me out of the closet and sat me close to her, squeezing me with her loving arms and said these words I have held on to every since. “God is everywhere and He was in that closet with you.” She brushed her hands over my cheek and softly whispered, “Never run from God, be still and let Him quiet all your storms.” Later we sat at the kitchen table having warm milk and she said, “If you communicate with God twenty four-seven, you will never have to be in fear because he will always be right there with you.” That moment was life changing for me and I was never again afraid of storms. Thunder storms-or-Life storms.

I shared that story because it’s a cherished memory of my beginning walk with God. Pray everyday, all day without cease and that is my connecting with God. 1 Thessalonians 5:17, Philippians 4:9 pray without ceasing and rejoice in the Lord always.

Who are your favorite authors? Favorite books? 

Not trying to be cliché but I have to say the bible because it’s the book I read often, it’s what strengthens me and encourages me when all else fails. I use it as advisement, guidance and it helps me feel I am loved and I have a life worth living.

I enjoy storytellers and I love stories as close to true life realities as possible.  I find I am a fan of fiction and non-fiction stories that speaks to the heart even when it’s a hard read because I know there is always and outcome to that story.

Tell us about your journey to publication. 

It has been a special journey for me. I immediately took to the internet and researched every aspect of publishing, writing, promoting, all that it would entail and stepped out on faith. I am a true believer that no matter what it is you do, you have to do it in faith or you will never follow through. It took faith for me to take the story God was placing in my thoughts and believe it was worth writing on the pages of a book. It took faith to believe I heard God’s voice crystal clear enough to know that book would one day be completed, published and in the hands of readers.

In saying all that, my journey had been spirit driven and the journey wasn’t recognized until I was on the path. When I stopped to look at the path I was on I paused to the voices of the naysayers and head to block the voices so I could complete the assignment given me. Granted, I understand not everyone will connect to the journey but I had to come to terms that it was my journey and once I tuned into that, the journey was amazing. God taught me every step of the way. He given me wisdom on how to write the story, connected me to a creative cover designer who was God send and He showed me I could self-publish. As long as I kept my eyes focused in on Jesus guidance the path was straight and narrow, with no room for outside upsets that many writers deal with in publishing.

Tell us about your current book? 

Rough Patch ~ Twisted Fate is about success, failure, dreams and disappointments, triumph and tragedy, and ultimately, about the selfless love of a young girl who encounters strangers that change the course of her life by events unimaginable. Life changing occurrences that leads to the discovery of inspiring strength, strong conviction of faith that touches the life of a young man who is encouraged by her endearing heart. This young man discovers the true depth of what he values most after he’s forced to stand up against rapacious tycoons in order to restore his life, once he learns he’s been betrayed by identity theft causing him to become homeless in a hostile environment.

Both Frances and Dell must find ways to rebuild their lives and stay true to their Godly principles they hold dear and fight the urges of avengement against their betrayers. It’s a real page turner. You will develop a strong connection with each character that will make you want to love and hate the stand out villain.

How did you come up with ideas for this book? 

From the time that I learned to read, the one thing I wanted to do more than anything was to write—to write and touch other people’s lives, as the books I loved touched mine. I was afraid to admit I might fail at my most treasured thought and desire. I reached out to do everything but write because I wasn’t sure how I would be perceived.

Finally, after years of pursuing other things in life I realize I wanted to do the one thing that I feared. Write! I knew I wanted to write enough to risk failure. I said to myself, “Ok, I shall fail so I may succeed.” So I wrote.

And I am more proud of that first, 270-page novel than of anything else I’ve done in my entire life. Then I took it a step further and wrote a screenplay under the mentorship program of Syd Fields who said fail. His advice was to go fail and see for your self that you win.

Some advice for you: fear the fear, and do it anyway. Dream great dreams, and then make them happen. Be the project manager of your life and pursue life the best you know how. If you fail, so what… get up, start over and do it again.

Remember this, at some point you will figure it out and you will win. Winning is feeling good about you and your personal accomplishment. Don’t focus on the naysayer’s that will cause you to loose faith on what you believe.

What valuable lessons do you want readers to learn from your book? 

The most valuable lesson is to know that you are not alone in the storm. That God is present always. Although it is a blessing when you can find a church to worship and praise God, you can pray anywhere at anytime just pause and do it. Stop what you’re doing at anytime and whisper a sweet prayer, God is listening and always ready to answer.

What’s next for you? 

I am excited to take on a writing project for a book series for men. God has given me clear vision and I looking forward to how it unfolds. The stories will be true to reality with an inspirational enlightenment that will show men a wide range of possibilities. I have been testing the waters and the reception of encouragement has been mind bottling. Who would think a woman writing for men? Only God… Lord knows he will have to give me His guidance. Smiles!

Where can visitors find you online? 

My books can be purchased direct on my website links and on the following websites: