NEW BOOK RELEASE | Unleashing the Spirits, Vol. 1-3 by Adrienna Turner

NEW BOOK RELEASE | Unleashing the Spirits, Vol. 1-3 by Adrienna Turner

Unleashing the Spirits Volumes 1-3 is Christian-faith based, testimonial, prophetic, apocalyptic nonfiction book that unleashes living, personal testimonies to open the hearts and minds of people to keep the Holy Spirit burning and glowing in their walk with Jesus Christ. Many of us have engaged in ungodly behaviors, thoughts, and speech patterns where God is not pleased. Now it’s time to unleash the spirits that are either keeping us bond (enslaved to that sin) or set us free.

Many are seeking for spiritual understanding and truth because we are battling against fleshly desires and captured in a spiritual warfare of both good and evil. Yet, God granted us “freedom of choice.” We can either choose life or death. There are only two paths we can take: narrow (godly choices) or wide (worldly choices). Therefore, this book unleashes about the spirits of both godly and ungodly works.

Furthermore, after each chapter has a Moment of Reflection, where it challenges the reader to reflect and answer questions after reviewing biblical passages and insight on subject at hand, or living testimonies with a journal section. In essence, this book challenges our spiritual, mental, and emotional capacities about the spiritual versus earthly realm, including the differences between good and evil spirits.

About the Author

Prophetess Adrienna Turner is an award-winning and spirit-led author, article writer of Promoting Purpose Magazine, Associated Press and Religious Issues Examiner, professional book reviewer, Dream Experience Series teleclass instructor/speaker, Internet Radio Host (Adrienna Turner Show, Keeping God in the Equation, DYRP Midnight Hour/Dream Your Midnight Hour, and former show Dream 4 More Radio), DJ for WVOD Internet LIVE Radio (, intercessor at Spirit Life Church, and prophetess/overseer of Dream Your Midnight Hour (Fridays 10 p.m. CST,