INTERVIEW | Felecia S. Killings

INTERVIEW | Felecia S. Killings

Felecia, describe yourself for our visitors.

Felecia S. Killings is a quintessential educator and promoter of change, transformation, and innovation within the educational field. Her years of dedicated service to education, and ascribing to the motto that “Learning is a Lifestyle,” has resulted in extensive years of training and preparation in the educational spectrum. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California, Davis in 2005 with double majors in English and African and African American Studies. She also obtained her Master’s Degree from UC Davis’s School of Education in 2007. She has received preliminary Doctoral of Education course work at Argosy University from 2008-2010; and will complete her Doctorate of Philosophy in Education with emphasis in Organizational Leadership at Northcentral University in Arizona. Felecia has provided her community with five years of service as a public-school English instructor. She has also created educational programs that help minority youth reach their full potential through excellence in education, job training, and college and career preparations. Felecia is also an author and publisher, and founder and CEO of Power, Faith, and Love Ministries, which oversees seven organizations including PFL Publishing, CA. Commitment, dedication to service, and a desire to help others become successful and prosperous are her driving force. Recognizing that education is that key to success, Felecia purposes to incorporate all aspects of it through every business she founds.

How do you find time to connect with God?

I have had a relationship with the Lord since I was a little girl. I grew up as a Pastor’s daughter, and through that connection, I came to know the Lord for real. God become increasingly known to me during the 2010-2011 years as I endured the hardest times of my life. Now that I am on the other side of that storm, it is my desire to show others that their faith in God and their devotion to Him will cause supernatural miracles to come for them also.

Who are your favorite authors? Favorite books?

Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye

Tell us about your journey to publication.

In March 2011, I began constructing my manuscript of this first book. I wrote it initially in a diary format because it served as my “venting agent.” I had been going through a lot, and I learned early on that the best way to let go of the hurts that I was enduring was to write them down. From those entires, I determined that my story would be something that others would like to read. And so I fashioned it into a book. I decided to go the self-publishing route because it would give me exclusive control over my product.

Tell us about your current book, Fear, Faith and Patience?

We often wonder what it is like to be a teacher in today’s time. With so much happening in the public schools, it seems any wonder how it is able to function given all the atrocities that go on in the system. But this is the story about a young, beautiful teacher named Felecia Killings. As a child, she dreamt of the opportunity to be what many call one of the most admirable professions in society: an educator. And when her father witnessed this aspiration in her, he did everything in his power to protect it and to ensure that she fulfilled her mission. Yet, like so many countless individuals who enter the public school system, Ms. Killings was met with tragedies and struggles. But through it all, she allowed her faith to keep her strong, even in the midst of hell.

This book is one to be commended, for it takes what we think we know about the public school system and brings to light another side that is never talked about. Through this text, you will learn about the power of unconditional love and personal sacrifice. For every teacher who chooses to stand up for what’s right, even when everyone is against you, this book will minister to you in ways that even you could not imagine. You WILL be inspired.

How did you come up with ideas for this book?

Fear, Faith and Patience came up as a result of my experience as a public school teacher in Fairfield, CA. My name had been blasted all over media, entering into the homes of millions of people nationwide as the teacher who raped her students. When it all transpired, I did not have intentions on writing the book to “clear my name” to the public. Rather, I decided that I had an obligation to say something in response to what was happening because I and thousands of other educators had been placed in very dangerous situations with no way out.

This book is about raising awareness and soliciting solutions to these dangers that are ever present. I’m not simply talking about violence, drugs, or the like; rather, I am talking about sexual exploitation, blackmail, extortion, and rape against teachers from their students. This is a story that the public has not believed so much simply because not enough teachers or administrators talk about it. And why would they when the reprecussions far outweigh exposing it? Well, that stops here, and the fight for better protection begins with a voice–this book is that voice.

What valuable lessons do you want readers to learn from your book?

Readers will gain a better understanding of the corruption and cover-ups that go on in the public school systems. Good, effective teachers are few and far between, not because no one wants this profession anymore; but because the individuals in power systematically target the ones who are producing great results with their students. This book is eye-opening for the public. At the same time, readers who are educators will find that this book is validation for how they have felt over the years, and the fears that they, too, encounter. This is a serious problem, and there is no resolution or support for us who have been victimized by our students. We do not know what to do when we are being threatened because there are no policies or regulations–at least not in the district that I worked in–that outline what to do. Furthermore, if a teacher is confronted with administrators who deliberately attack them, then there is no hope for a teacher to receive fair, equitable, and correct treatment.

God commands us to cry out for justice, and this is what this book does. I’m crying out for change because this type of crime cannot happen to another teacher as it did me.

What’s next for you?

After this book is published, I will be publishing my 2nd and 3rd book in June and September 2012. Both books serve as a continuation of the first book. The second one contains the same main title (Fear, Faith, and Patience), but the format is likened unto a diary entries to my Lord. I chronicle what happened to me throughout the 2011 year, showing my readers what goes on in the justice system with regards to teachers who are accused of raping students. I learned a lot during that time, and I wanted to share that with my readers. The third book is like my victory book. My target audience is specifically Christians. It’s called Bouncing Back: Why quitting is never an option for a believer. I cannot emphasize enough the power that believers have when they exercise their faith in God, even in the midst of hell. I think my readers will be blessed by them.

In addition to expanding my self-publishing business, I am also starting a non-profit organization called Hope for Esther, which will work with adolescent females who are victims of the sex trade industry. 2012 will be spent fundraising and raising awareness of the organization so that I can (by 2014) purchase a home that will house these young girls, and immerse them in a two-year program that will really transform their lives. I will open the organization in Fairfield, CA.

Where can visitors find you online?

Visitors can go to to read about the book and also pre-order a copy.


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