The Eagle As a Spiritual Icon (In Isaiah 40:31)

The Eagle As a Spiritual Icon (In Isaiah 40:31)
by Alvin C. Romer

It’s common knowledge that the eagle talked about so abundantly in the 40th chapter of Isaiah and the 31st verse extolling the virtues of elevated success where faith is concerned, has spiritual connotations. But do you really understand the impact and underlying symbolic emphasis that this majestic bird represents in all things spiritual? Consider the components that make eagles so admired and revered. This correspondence gives credence to everything that we as Christians can use in our walk with God, and to those that are seeking steps to Christ. First and foremost let’s break down the makeup of the eagle:

The Eyes – Keen eyesight pertaining to peripheral vision is often attributed to eagles since it’s known that they are notorious for it. In order to know our destiny, visionary value with illuminated paths can be reverent eyesight to know where we should go. That direction should be to continue going straight, endeavoring to turn right, and to keep your head to the sky. It’s the penchant to look up that what would allow us to keep our eyes on the ‘Sparrow’.

The Talons – A good grip on anything is to hold on to reverent principles for stated value for all things beneficial. Once we are rooted against the wind and have allowed peace in the storm to shelter us from the everyday rudiments of trial and tribulation, we (should) latch onto truths and hold steady. The talons of an eagle allow it to be sturdy in postulated goals.

The Wings –Free in the spirit, consecrated with God’s tenets for quality of living, we all strive to soar high and have the type of leverage where we can look down and see how far we’ve flown for legitimacy. We say that ‘we can fly’…but what does it really mean when you’re striving to beat the odds for things new and negotiated? Eagles purposely fly above and beyond mediocrity for meritorious value.

As we matriculate from corrupt to corrected, we take in the latter part of the scripture and seek obedience trusting in the Lord– “but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength, they will soar on on wings like eagles, run and not grow weary, and walk and not faint!”  Trusting helps us to realize that symbols and icons of an eagle are synonymous with its components that are adaptable to everyday use. It’s about being prepared to hear His voice, be patient to know your destiny, and expectant for His promise!

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Alvin C. Romer hails rom Miami, but the African-American Diaspora is his stage. He brings a passion for books and a lifelong enthusiasm in promoting African-American readership and the adherence to family literary. Alvin is a freelance writer, and a Research Analyst. You can find Alvin online a and his blog, VERBATIM! He is one of the contributors in the anthology, The Soul of a Man.