NEW BOOK RELEASES |  Silver Lining by Wanda B. Campbell

NEW BOOK RELEASES | Silver Lining by Wanda B. Campbell


After exchanging vows with a prominent physician, Marlissa Scott-Jennings is prepared to enjoy the life most women dream about, but only a few achieve until demons from her past resurface with a vengeance. Overnight, the perfect life she’d hoped for crumbles and leaves her finding comfort in alcohol.

Leon Scott had it all: a loving wife, children and a thriving business until tragedy strikes and he trades it all in for a bottle in a brown paper bag.

After too much to drink leads to a night in a motel room, Marlissa’s and Leon’s world collide, resulting in friendship and sobriety. On their journey from addiction, the two friends face their toughest task: repairing their broken marriages. Although their spouses may not prove to be as forgiving as the Lord, Marlissa and Leon continue to press forward, despite the obstacles, believing that after every storm there is always a Silver Lining.

About the Author

Wanda B. Campbell is the Best-selling author of three published novels and the founder of Micah 6:8 Books. A romantic at heart, she enjoys using relationships to demonstrate the power of forgiveness. Wanda currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband of twenty-two-years and three children. Her favorite hobby is spoiling her grandson.

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