INTERVIEW | Brian L. Thompson

INTERVIEW | Brian L. Thompson

Brian, describe yourself for our visitors.

Well, I’m a born writer and teacher. The first thing I remember writing was a poem to a girl when I was 12 years old. That’s how I started writing poetry, and I’ve been writing ever since. I love Jesus and my family. My musical taste ranges from classic rock to classical music, R&B and old school rap. I love to read when I have time. And it’s my life’s ambition to read Ulysses by James Joyce and understand it.

How do you find time to connect with God?

Thankfully, I’m self-employed, so I don’t have to find time; it’s really about making time and turning off distractions. After I drop my daughter off at daycare, I start my day with prayer. I’m not really the early morning, crack of dawn prayer warrior type, but I do have morning energy. I find that it’s best if I spend time with God while my energy is high, so that means not too early and not too late.

Do you have a favorite bible verse and or quote you wish to share?

2. Cor. 4:8: “We are hard pressed on every side but not crushed, perplexed but not in despair, persecuted, but not abandoned, cast down but not destroyed.

Who are your favorite authors? Favorite books?

Well, I have Ann Petry, Toni Morrison, Jerry B. Jenkins, Alex Haley, Zora Neale Hurston, and Leo Tolstoy on my bookshelf. I love the classics!

Tell us about your journey to publication.

It’s full of U-turns and detours. When I thought my first book, The Lost Testament, was done, I sent out queries to agents and got around 20 rejections. Acceptance is such an imprecise science, so I revised and tried it again. Same results. So, in 2005, my mother bought me a book: “The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing” by Tom and Marilyn Ross, which I ignored once I got accepted by an agent.

As misfortune would have it, the young lady who requested the manuscript left that company and I ended up in the slush pile. That’s when I picked up the book on self-publishing and started learning about it. In 2010, I met Stephanie Perry-Moore, whose first book took a similar amount of time to publish. She advised me to self-publish, sell 2,000 copies, do it again, and then mainstream publish.

After prayer and meditation, I found that this is the route that God wanted me to go. I created Great Nation Publishing in May of 2010. The rest is history.

Tell us about your current book, The Revelation Gate.

I like to say that The Revelation Gate is three unconventional love stories set in the background of a Saharan country on the brink of war. Thanks to a mysterious phenomenon called “holy rain,” a young woman with an incurable blood disease finds herself cured and pregnant. Though the law forbids it, she gives birth and immediately goes into hiding to save her son, who is destined one day to enter The Revelation Gate to free his people.

When the boy returns home years later after being presumed dead, a childhood friend falls in love with him – though he is forbidden to reciprocate it. And the freedom of his people depends on his devotion and willingness to sacrifice for them.

What influenced you to write this book?

The Bible was the biggest influence. Second would be Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. I liked the atmosphere of the African novel and tried to emulate it. I’d also say my love of comic books for the fantastical elements of the book.

Did you have a favorite character(s)? Who and why?

My favorite character is a tie between Chimelu and Lusala. I loved writing them both; especially the scenes they shared together.

What’s next for you?

After The Revelation Gate releases, I plan to do some book signings in the area and appearances at local events. I am also working on my third book, The Anarchists, which I’d like to release in the fall of 2012.

Where can visitors find you online?

They can find me at my author site, (not .com, but .co), my Facebook fan page my Twitter account: and my YouTube channel

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  1. Brian L. Thompson at 5:54 am

    THANK YOU, Ty, for this AMAZING blog tour (too many caps??) I really believe in this work, and to meet other people who believe in it also is a blessing. Your flexibility (you know what I mean), generosity, and work ethic in promoting me was AWESOME. I hope you have room on your calendar for The Anarchists next year. Be blessed!

  2. Miriam - African American Home Decor at 5:39 am

    I love the way mothers are so insightful and “insightful” and the way they gently drop their wisdom gems (e.g. buying the self-publishing book) without pounding us over the head.

    I am also a self-published author and I believe that is the 21st century route.

    Thanks for a wonderful interview.