INTERVIEW | Sharon C. Jenkins

INTERVIEW | Sharon C. Jenkins

Sharon, describe yourself for our visitors

My name is Sharon C. Jenkins, “The Master Communicator.”  I’ve had the privilege to write an extraordinary book titled Beyond the Closet Door, Christ’s Rescue From Abuse.  I’ve been writing since the age of eight.  I found the courage in my late twenties to share my literary musings with others.  I started with poetry, advanced to spoken word, then plays, and later non-fiction.  Historically, I’ve worked on projects with other authors but Beyond the Closet Door was my first solo project.  I also write articles for local newspapers and magazines on a regular basis.  I am currently writing for Beauty Come Forth E-Magazine and D-Mars Faith Based Journal.

How do you find time to connect with God?

I could not live without connecting to my Power Source daily.  Communing with Him is as vital as breathing for me, so not having an intimate conversation with Him is not an option for me.

Do you have a favorite bible verse and or quote you wish to share?

One of most favorite verses for obvious reasons, is from the Song of Solomon: 2:1 “I am a Rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys.” Just knowing that Christ in me “The Greater One”, is my constant companion.  He is the beautiful part of me that draws all men unto Him.

Tell us about Beyond the Closet Door

My most recent literary project is “Beyond the Closet Door, Christ’s Rescue from Abuse.”  I wrote this book because I wanted others to have the liberty promised them at Calvary.  Abuse is some what evasive because it is not a popular topic unless it is being used to entertain or sensationalize a particular situation. I become very transparent in addition to several other individuals who have traveled a similar path so that my readers can come out from behind the closet door and get the healing that they need to be free.

The book has a section for you to journal your own experience, which has proven to be liberating for many of my readers.

I wrote the book to help others.  I would like my readers to become “healed healers.”  Paying forward what they gained from reading this book, often stopping generations of abuse in the process.

How did you come up with ideas for this book?
I came up with the idea for Beyond the Closet Door at a prayer retreat.  I did an extensive amount of research for the book because I wanted to be as accurate as possible in relaying the journey that adult abuse victims experience after being violated in childhood.  I was also inspired to write the book because of the recent resurgence of child abuse, molestation and sex trafficking in our nation.

What’s next for you?

I am currently working on a sequel that focuses on male sexual abuse.  I’m also the mastermind behind the 2011 Authors Networking Summit which starts in April in Detroit at the Michigan Spring Book Festival.  Our theme is “Authorpreneurship”!  Often authors are excellent at their craft, but perhaps have never embraced the business side of being an author.  Well we are going to remedy that malady across the nation this year with this equipping summit.  Teaching authors not only how to do business, but also how to use their creativity to enhance their products and services for their reading audience.