INTERVIEW | Marian L. Thomas

INTERVIEW | Marian L. Thomas

Marian, describe yourself for our visitors.

There is nothing special about me, I am a woman, wife, writer and author who resides in Atlanta by way of Chicago. I love a man, who has supported me and given me the strength to write even when I didn’t feel like doing so. I inherited the love for melodies tones from my mother, who gave me the hand of poetry. Listening to my father play as a percussionist helped me to develop an ear for music, while my husband’s love for Jazz helped me to focus on it. My sister, made me cry when she stated how much she was proud of me. My friends keep me grounded.

My debut title, Color Me Jazzmyne, became an Amazon Best-seller. It was also recognized by the Sankofa Literary Society Review as one of the” Top 100 Books”-1st Qtr 2010.

How do you find time to connect with God?

Prayer is something I try to do throughout my day. Every day we face trials, tribulations and stress. Every day I need to pray, sometimes every hour. I also make an effort to read my Bible each night and my husband and I have a “family worship” night every week. This gives us a chance to come together to consider the Bible. It keeps our marriage strong because it keeps God as our center and focus.

Do you have a favorite bible verse and or quote you wish to share?

One of my favorite Bible verses comes from Revelation 21:4. It shows what our Heavenly Father will soon bring about by means of his Kingdom under the rule of his Son, Jesus Christ. Tell us about your journey to publication.

Tell us about your current book.

My Father’s Colors is my newest release. It is both contemporary fiction and literary entertainment. Laced with over 320 pages of drama, it combines love, self-preservation, and forgiveness into an engaging and entertaining must read! Critics have called My Father’s Colors, “Utterly Amazing, “Superb” and “Real”. It takes you on four drama-filled journeys and one incredible destination, filled with betrayal, lies and shocking secrets. It is perhaps my favorite of the two books thus far!

Naya Monà is back on another emotional and drama-filled roller coaster as she finds herself fighting to find her voice, discover her father’s past and search for her daughter. How do you find a daughter you never knew you gave birth to?

Then there’s Chris—her husband. How far would one go for love? That is the question that Chris wastes no time answering. He will do whatever it takes to remove his wife’s pain, even if it means being the one to cause her the most.

Let’s not forget Misty. Fame and Fortune have been the determining factor for Misty ever sense her father passed away. How far will she go, this time, to achieve it?

Introducing, Carl Thompson. Carl has found the love of his life, only she doesn’t know it. Green eyes and hazel brown hair fill his dreams for the future. Does he have enough love for the both of them?

What influenced you to write this book?

My Father’s Colors and Color Me Jazzmyne are both inspired by real-life situations of love, hope, self-preservation, abuse, race, relationships, marriage, divorce and even friendships that many women face throughout the course of their life. I hope this book gives readers the chance to connect with a character who is a part of every woman in so many different ways.

Did you have a favorite character(s)? Who and why?

My favorite character is Misty. She has a “fierce and fabulous” type of attitude that portrays a strong sense of self. Confidence in oneself is very important and that’s what I like about her character.

What’s next for you?

I am currently working on my third book titled, Strings of Colors. It will be the conclusion to the Naya Monà series.

Where can visitors find you online?

My website is

Readers can also connect with me on facebook and LinkedIn.

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  1. Marian L.Thomas at 7:49 am

    Thanks for having me on your blog Ty.

  2. Jeanette Hill at 10:17 am

    I disagree with you…you are something special! To write about sensitive subjects in a way that enlightens as well as entertains is special. There are a lot of hurting people who don’t have the courage to address or even admit their plights that you have provided a door for. Congratulations.