Home Again Blog Tour – Tyora Moody

Home Again Blog Tour – Tyora Moody

Tell us about yourself.

I’m an author, graphic designer, an online book promoter, and an all-around encourager with a deep love for God.  In 2006, I let a few folks, like family and friends know I was seriously writing. I currently have two manuscripts, one a romantic suspense and the other a cozy mystery. My short story, “Birthing Pains,” is my first official published work of fiction.

Oh yeah and I manage writtenvoicesblog.com. Feels funny interviewing myself. LOL!

This anthology is about restoration. Define the importance of restoration in terms relationships.

If a relationship is really important to you and there has been hurt feelings and pain, restoration is imperative for the healing process. It goes back to the importance of forgiveness. It’s the foundation of the Christian faith and opens the door to walk in true freedom. The lack of forgiveness promotes bondage and keeps both parties locked up. No one truly wins.

Tell us about your story.

Meet a wife and mother, EUGEENA PATTERSON, who has always been the glue keeping her fragmented family together. When her troubled teenage daughter is rushed to the hospital, Eugeena is forced to acknowledge the animosity and resentment that has lived under the surface far too long.

Where did the ideas come for this story?

The idea for Birthing Pains was inspired by the backstory of one of my manuscripts. I have a cozy mystery in which my short story character, Eugeena Patterson, becomes a reluctant amateur sleuth. The short story events take place about four years before the story in the manuscript.

Where can readers find out more about your writing projects?

Folks can visit me at my personal site, tyoramoody.com.

My two other favorite online spots are at: