Home Again Blog Tour – Tavares Carney

Home Again Blog Tour – Tavares Carney

Tell us about yourself.

Tavares S. Carney is the married mother of two children. Confidential Relations is her first published short story, appearing in the Home Again: Stories of Restored Relationships anthology by Wanda B. Campbell and Friends. Tavares is employed as an intellectual property legal assistant, and is also the owner of Echelon Entertainment, a boutique virtual assistance firm, and founder of Echelon Book Club. An avid reader and book reviewer, Tavares is also an aspiring novelist. Her other interests include spending time with family and friends, traveling and mostly anything that allows her to unleash creativity.

This anthology is about restoration. Define the importance of restoration in terms relationships.

Restoration is a very essential component of broken relationships, especially when it comes to family and long-term friendships. It’s almost like the closer the tie, the more essential the allowance for restoration. Brokenness hurts us spiritually, physically and emotionally. Reconciliation enables us to be at a place of peace.

Tell us about your story.

Confidential Relations is a story encompassing the familial issue of illegitimacy, as well as the emotional turmoil suffered by parent and child due to the same. Readers will learn what transpires with the Dillard family after a family secret is revealed. After the revelation, each member of the Dillard family faces an emotional struggle, and with varying levels of faith, each must realize that only God has the answers. Confidential Relations emphasizes the importance of communication, and the virtues of truth and honesty in relationships.

Where did the ideas come for this story?

The idea for Confidential Relations originally stemmed from a conversation with a family member about what a blessing it is to have a wonderful support system – a family, no matter the mix. Children who have parents that love and care for them are truly blessed – whether it’s an adoptive parent, a step-parent, or any other adult serving in a parental role, including grandparents, aunts or uncles. Confidential Relations also addresses some of the emotional issues from the orphaned, adoptive or foster-child’s perspective.

Where can readers find out more about your writing projects?

Readers can learn more about my writing, and other projects at http://www.tavareswrites.com