Home Again Blog Tour – Linda Beed

Home Again Blog Tour – Linda Beed

Tell us about yourself.

Dr . Linda Beed is an author, educator, speaker and youth minister. It is her desire to use her gift for the written word to spread stories of hope, inspiration and reconciliation to the masses.

In addition to writing, Linda is a conference coordinator, facilitator and workshop leader. She also lends her hand to literary professionals in the form of developmental editing, book reviews and author interviews.

This anthology is about restoration. Define the importance of restoration in terms relationships.

From my point of view, restoration requires vulnerability. Vulnerability requires trust in the one revelation is made to, and from the giver. It is ability to trust that opens the door to restoration.

Tell us about your story.

Flavorful presents the story of Charmayne Mason a little girl with a keen spirit of discernment and the ability to see angels and demons around people. Many tell her that her gift will be used for the betterment of others. To her it is the life sentence with no time off for good behavior. When a devastating event occurs, it will rip apart the loosely woven threads holding her family together. It will also cause her walk away from the God she believes has failed her.

Where did the ideas come for this story?

I have been a youth minister for 25 years. I have seen the struggle of children with extraordinary gifts suffer from lack of understanding or indifference from those charged with their care.

Where can readers find out more about your writing projects?

I invite readers to visit me online at:

www.lindabeed.com or contact me at: lindaonassignment@yahoo.com