Home Again Blog Tour – Dijorn Moss

Home Again Blog Tour – Dijorn Moss

Tell us about yourself in 120 words.

Every day I try to live out God’s purpose. I believe too many of us go through life without tapping into our true potential. I strive to fulfill God’s purpose which I know is to serve him honorable, be a great husband and a great father. As far as writing goes, I know that God wants me to show his redemptive power through my characters and give them hope and inspiration.

This anthology is about restoration. Define the importance of restoration in terms relationships.

Restorations in relationships is vital. As human so much of our lives and experience is tied into our love ones. A broken relationship can not remain broken, life is too short.

Tell us about your story.

My story is entitled Journey to the Throne and it deals with a father and son who are boxers. The sport of boxing and addiction has caused a rift in the two’s relationship and the question is will their journey to the Throne of Grace will repair their relationship.

Where did the ideas come for this story?

I was amazed at how many great fighters has broken relationships with their fathers and I decided to write a story about it.

Where can readers find out more about your writing projects? www.dijornmoss.webs.com