Home Again Blog Tour – Bernard Boulton

Home Again Blog Tour – Bernard Boulton

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Bernard Boulton. I am the husband of Vantoria and father of Bernard Quincy. I live in Danville Va where I am the pastor of the NEW MINE CREEK CHURCH. I am a native of Cleveland Ohio and I have lived and pastored churches in West Virginia, Texas and Virginia. I am the author of DO YOU WANNA BE MADE WHOLE? a novel about a pastor who mentors three men. I have traveled and preached throughout the United Sates and Haiti.

This anthology is about restoration. Define the importance of restoration in terms relationships.

Restoration in relationships is I believe the heart’s desire of God. From the beginning of the human race God has sought to restore mankind to Himself and to each other. The love of God is the bridge that reaches forward to any person calling him or her to cross it into the arms of a loving heavenly Father. Because God will never stop stop seeking anyone to return to Him and be with Him restoration will continue to happen in every generation. Those who seek to do the will of God and have the heart of God will always be restorers of the breach, being instruments that repairs what is broken.

Tell us about your story.

JAKE AND ERIC is a story about twins who have struggled in relating to each other throughout their lives. When one twin betrays the other the chasm that always existed between is widen and the two of them spend many years apart.

Where did the ideas come for this story?

I was inspired by the biblical account of Jacob and Esau.

Where can readers find out more about your writing projects?

Readers can find me at WWW.BERNARDBOULTON.COM