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Chizelle, describe yourself for our visitors.

Outgoing, funny, full of laughter, I really think I have this hidden desire to one day become a comedian, although I’m not that good though, I believe my comedy is more like the kind that needs to be only heard by ones that really love you. You know the ones that will laugh even if it isn’t funny, but I think I’m a pretty good person to be around. I love the Lord, and I’m not ashamed to let the world know it.

How do you find time to connect with God?

Every chance I get I try to connect with God, although I promise there are times when I’ve felt he has put me on hold and answered someone else’s call, and then there are other times when he answers so fast I’m like, hey was that really for me. But on a serious note, it doesn’t matter, in the car when I’m driving, or when I’m at work and the hell hounds are on my trail, I call HIM up 911!

Do you have a favorite bible verse and or quote you wish to share?

Yes, Psalm 37, it has gotten me through some of the darkest days of my life. Also my favorite quote, “It’s not where I’ve been, it’s where I’m going.”

Who are your favorite authors? Favorite books?

I don’t like feeling so facetious, but excuse me, because I just can’t say this enough … On this journey in my life I’m my favorite author, but before there was Chizellé T. Archie, the author, there was Kimberla Lawson-Roby. She made me feel comfortable about writing about the real things that actually go on in church, and not be ashamed of it. Then there is Sistah Souljah, she wrote a book that has transcended time for me, every young girl growing up needs to read it. That Winter is something else. Also Eric Jerome Dickey, and Omar Tyree. As far as my favorite books, it would have to my current novel, and also my all time favorite of course is “The Coldest Winter Ever”, as well as “Casting the First Stone”, “The Other Woman”, and “Flyy Girl.”

Tell us about your journey to publication.

It was a good one, a bit stressful at times, but overall it was great. Though on my journey I learned a lot about the self publishing industry in which I still don’t know everything there is to know, but I am glad I chose to go this route. I don’t think I would change anything, and I had some great people that have been by my side, such as the man who put it all together, Mr. Nathaniel Dyer, he did everything the publisher would have done, like design my cover, sketch the images, all except place the copyright page in the book, and he could have done that too! Also Ms. Dee Stewart, my publicist, who taught me about the self publishing game, she gave me some wonderful outlets, and to her I am grateful.

Tell us about your current book.

It’s an Urban Christian Novel, taken purely from the scripture Psalm 139:14. It’s about a woman named Victoria Diamond Cartiér, who is an investment advisor in Manhattan. She has everything, success, money, and I would say she’s your upward mobile bourgeois type of girl, and she’s in love with her handsome, smooth talking husband Malcolm. It doesn’t take long where she begins to feel her marriage is not what it’s supposed to be, and one day when she plans to share the greatest news of their life, she gets some deathly news on the same day, in which this causes her to began to distrust everyone in her life, even God himself. And once her life spirals totally out of control she starts to rethink some of her decisions, and begins to ask the question “God where are you?”

What influenced you to write this book?

To say influenced would be an understatement, how about assignment. This was a vision from God, He told me clearly one night five years ago that He wanted me to write it down, and I did not know what that meant, nor did I know what to write about, so once I began to write the story it came to me, and I will never forget, a sermon my Pastor preached where He asked us women in the congregation, “If you were a diamond, what type of diamond would you want to be?” I pondered that thing, but He taught me, that I am a diamond that is kept in the vault, hidden away, not one for everyone to see, I am precious, I am flawless in His eyes, and there is nothing fake about me, if you want to see me, you are going to have to get access to do that, so I am not or never will I be a cubic zirconia to be put on display. Hence The Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Diamond.

Did you have a favorite character(s)? Who and why?

That’s a great question, because they are all my favorite, and one would think it’s Victoria, because she and I are sooo much alike, but there is one I truly enjoyed writing about, and that is her best friend Lucy, he’s a gay guy, that happens to work as a personal shopper at Neiman’s, he’s Puerto Rican, handsome, and fabulous, but most of all he will tell it like it is. He doesn’t care, and if Lucy doesn’t like it, you will definitely know it, but one thing I really love about Lucy, is that he’s human, he has a true heart deep down inside, and the one thing he really wants, is to be loved. Also I really love Marcel, because he is the epitome of a God fearing man, there were times when I asked myself, where did he come from? The answer I kept getting was he was sent from God!

What’s next for you?

To complete the follow up to this one, “His Grace, His Blood, His Mercy!” also I have been playing around with a little something extra, not a part of this project. I have a Book Signing coming up on September 18th here at Nubian Bookstore 3-4, in Morrow Ga, as well as on September 25th, I will share with my first Book Club, the Page Turners in Montgomery, Alabama, so I’m excited, God has truly been good to me on this journey thus far.

Where can visitors find you online?, or you can find me on Facebook on my author page,

http://, and you are welcome to join the page, there are other things being added.

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  1. Dee Stewart at 9:28 am

    Great interview, Chizelle, and thanks for the kind words. 🙂

  2. Chizelle Archie at 2:48 pm

    Thanks everyone that has stopped by to read and learn more about me, and my debut novel. Prayerfully it will touch someone’s heart to where they would want to share it with the world like I did. I love all of you and God Bless!

  3. Tavares at 3:35 pm

    Chizelle – congratulations, this sounds like a good read.