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Who I’ve Become is NOT who I AM, is Sonya Visor’s first non-fiction book. Her passion is to minister to the people who hide behind masks. Sonya’s calling is to break and destroy the yokes of bondage, releasing the power of God into the lives of others by the preached Word and prayers of deliverance. When you can find the strength, to step into who you truly are; you can find the strength to BE THE (Tru U). TruU Ministries is the women’s ministry that God has charged her with to help other’s become free.

Sonya shares her heart with her husband, Pastor Tony Visor, who she calls her better half, for nineteen years. She and her husband have ministered effectively in the city of Racine together at NCC since 1999. Sonya is blessed to love two sons, Jason and Tony, Jr. Visit her online at

About the Book

Who are you when nobody’s looking? It’s time to take off what hides who you truly are…the mask! Are you tired of going around family, friends and church folk with a frozen smile and a broken heart? Unmask your true identity and learn your real name as pastor’s wife and playwright Sonya Visor cuts to the heart with dynamic testimony of sexual molestation at a young age.

BEING SILENT GAVE POWER to the hands that touched her life. Can hands meant to protect you also have the power to crush your identity? YES! But when we stop allowing a mask of shame to hold us captive with CLOSED mouths, WE CAN let Jesus be real in our lives.

Discover who you have become and embrace who you really are in a book that goes past the pews and what other’s think about you — to bring glory to God by being transparent and transformed. It’s time to take off your mask and let the true you show up!

Excerpt from the Book (CHAPTER 9)

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  1. Sonya at 2:39 pm

    Tyora Moody! You are absolutely the bomb! Thank you for a great blog tour and your great attention to detail. You care about your clients and represent us quite well. I appreciate all that you do and wanted to make sure that I gave a shout out to the one who helped the message get out: It’s time to take off the mask – the act is over!
    Who I’ve Become is NOT Who I Am is not a testimonial book alone; it’s a powerful tool.

    • Ty at 3:36 pm

      Thank you, Sonya, for the shout-out! It was my pleasure to coordinate the tour. I’m just blessed that God has given me a passion to work with authors to help get the message out that ultimately will lead others to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

  2. Marlive at 8:11 pm

    Ty, thanks so much for the invitation to check out “Take Off the Mask” blog tour!I’m enjoying all of the ways you too are integrating technology into the promotion all of your clients.

    I wish Ms. Visor much success with her book beyond this wonderful tour!

    • Ty at 11:44 pm

      Thank you, Marlive! I appreciate you stopping by Written Voices and supporting Sonya Visor’s “Take Off the Mask” blog tour.

      I learned about coordinating virtual tours from one of the best in the business – Marlive “Ms. GRITS” Harris. I truly appreciate you!

  3. C. Lowe at 5:08 pm

    I just want to say, as i have said all week, i am sooo thankful to Pastor Sonya for writing this book and being sooo transparent. I thank you for opening up our eyes to not only our own problems and issues, but to be aware of others.

    I thank you for helping us to remove our masks, and teaching us that it is ok to be the TruU (by the way, can’t wait for the next TruU meeting on April 24th)!

    God Bless you Ty for helping her get the word out! and God Bless Pastor Sonya for writing this book.

    • Ty at 11:41 pm

      Thank you, Cheryl, for your support of Pastor Sonya and her message. I can’t wait to hear how TruU will continue to grow the rest of 2010.

  4. Starr at 6:24 pm

    Taking off he mask can be a task. You truly don’t want others to you see you for you. After all they might not like what they see. One thing that I love about the book is the thought provoking questions. I truly answered questions when I came to them. Thank God for letting the TruU show and allowing Him to use you and your situations to help others.

    • Ty at 11:42 pm


      Thank you for stopping by Written Voices and supporting Sonya. It’s been an awesome tour with an awesome message.