INTERVIEW | Brian Ganges

Brian, describe yourself for our visitors.

I am what I consider a “real guy.” I love God, I love my job, I love life and I love to have a good time. A lot of people prejudge me and they think they know how I’m going to act based upon their own past experiences of other people. But the majority of the people that I know, who actually get to know me, will tell you that I am a good person, and sometimes a very silly person, but good-hearted nonetheless. I love to read, write and teach on a myriad of subject. I am called to reach the men with the message of truth, so be on the look out for BG on the lecture circuit.

How do you find time to connect with God?

I generally do that when I take my walk or just have my quiet time at home. Sometimes I am just laying down thinking, reading, reflecting, praying or just listening.

Do you have a favorite bible verse and or quote you wish to share?

“Don’t be so Heavenly-minded that you are of no earthly good.” Conversely, I would like to add that “you shouldn’t be so secularly-minded that you are of no spiritual or emotional good.”

Tell us about your current book.

It is entitled, “Piecing the Puzzle Together,” and it is a Christian self-help book that literally brings a lot of the pieces of life that we have all heard and/or been taught, and brings them together in a cohesive and implementable package for daily living. This book is a good balance for living a spiritual life that is pleasing to God and living an everyday victorious life. Many religious people portray the Christian walk as a “woe-is-me” type life. But Jesus said that He came to give us life in abundance: peace, salvation, wisdom, etc. Life is supposed to be fun and fulfilling, not a drag just waiting to get to Heaven one day. I plan on helping people get balanced, so that they can enjoy serving God.

What influenced you to write this book?

A lot of my life experiences and much of what I was taught were very instrumental in causing me to want to address issues of importance. People can only teach you so much, and they can only teach you what they know. If what some people’s knowledge base is unknowingly wrong, and they teach it; then the recipients are receiving and sometimes believing error and accepting it as truth. I took the good and bad teachings that I received over the years from various sources and studied those teachings against the Word of God. I found many inconsistencies, traditions of men, and misconceptions that needed to be corrected by the Word. I was told years ago that I would write and speak because I was articulate and passionate about the Word, and here I am.

What’s next for you?

I expect to take “Piecing the Puzzle Together” on the road in the form of seminars, and motivational conference speaking. I have time and space constraints with a book, but I have so much more to say in regards to living a victorious life. I believe people will be blessed with this message. After that I have other books, stories and positive messages that I would lie to convey to the public.

Where can visitors find you online?