INTERVIEW | Billie Jean King

Billie Jean, describe yourself for our visitors.

Hmm…I see myself as being focused, with a definite purpose in sight. I understand that my destiny will not be achieved without direction and guidance from my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I’m resilient, I do not allow past failures, struggles, and disappointments from friends or loved one’s to alter or put a damper on my dreams. I love offering encouraging words or ideas to individuals, especially women, that will help them in identifying their God given purpose in their life. My daughter refers to me as a “free spirit;” I guess I’ll have to agree with her. I love to have fun, I possess a great sense of humor and I love…to daydream.

How do you find time to connect with God?

Chuckle…That is not an option! I just do it!

Do you have a favorite bible verse or quote?

Yes! Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.

Do you have a favorite Author?

Umm…I’ll pass, there’s just too many to mention.

Tell us about your journey to publication?

Different…I don’t share the traditional stories of Authors writing poems as a kid, or always having their heads buried in a book. I didn’t grow up with a desire to write a book. I recall writing a short story recounting the events from my summer vacation before I entered my senior year of high school. I always loved to write and always received positive comments relative to my writings, whether it was in the workplace, or friends, etc.

In 1997 my interest in writing escalated to the point of me enrolling in a writing correspondence course. In 2007, my daughter suggested that I read one of her Christian fiction novels. To my surprise, I found myself relating to the storyline and the characters. This prompted me to read another one. After receiving the same revelation, I said to her, “I can do this!” Being a dreamer with an overactive imagination; I knew then that I was going to write a book. I became pregnant… with the title and plot about six months prior. To ensure that I’d be drawing from my own ideas, I decided not to read another Christian fiction until I completed mine. I dusted off my writing manual and began to form my characters. This was August of 2007, by October, 2007 I’d composed over 98k words. My daughter teases me, she said “Mom, you never experienced writer’s block, you had writer’s diarrhea. I’ve been editing it every since… LOL

Tell us about your book, At Last.

My book tackles so many relevant issues amongst single Christians until it makes it difficult for me to put into a few words. Without reciting the synopsis, I would say “At Last” is definitely a love story. It focuses on the life of single… Christian women and men of the ages 28-46. “At Last” captures the issues and struggles in the life single women over forty… as well. Often, that age group is not depicted in Christian fiction novels showing them dating, and meeting the husband of their dreams. It also offers a challenge to men as it relates to celibacy and an encouragement to women to maintain their standards as well. It takes on infidelity issues, and how we as Christian women should reach out to restore. It’s packed with suspense, and humor. You’ll laugh and cry. I call it a self help book disguised in engaging storytelling. For a more comprehensive analysis and comments about my book, you can go to my book page and guest page of my website.

How did you come up with the ides and how were you influenced?

That part was easy. Being a single woman and never married, unfortunately it’s a story for many women. So, I drew from personal experiences and my imagination mostly. Although I replied heavily on my imagination, I also tried to imagine realistic incidents and issues that we encounter as we enter into relationships as single Christians, and how God would have us to respond. Being influenced by some beautiful, sensual, and celibate…women of God; I wanted to encourage them that they are not alone in their acts of obedience.

What’s next for you?

Well…for now, “At Last” is still my next! .It hasn’t scratched the surface of availability to the audience for which it was intended. It was originally published in November, 2007, but wasn’t released… until April, 2009. Not being satisfied with the work, it was republished December 2009, and is just now ready for distribution. I’m also working on a short story as a contributing author for an anthology that will be coming out later this year. I’m also working on a manual type book, umm…for lack of a better word, for a business idea that I’m trying to bring to fruition. I’ve formed my characters and ideas for my next novel also.

Where can visitors find you?

Please visit me @ or email me,