BOOK REVIEW | Selling My Soul by Sherri Lewis

Selling My Soul by Sherri Lewis
Reviewed by Tavares S. Carney

The Scandolous Truth
Selling My Soul by Sherri Lewis examines what people value most, what makes them feel loved, cared for, comforted and comfortable, and the depths they will go through to keep, have and protect these things. Ms. Lewis begins the story with the main character, Trina Michaels, discovering how it feels to re-enter, or become reacclimated, with American society after having returned from a mission trip in Mozambique. As the story unravels, Trina realizes just how different the two worlds and cultures are, from day to day things such as driving, hygiene and food and water intake, to spiritual values. Readers will definitely examine the little things most take for granted.

The novel also addresses negative seeds and positive seeds having the power to either deter or promote spiritual growth. The Michaels women, Trina, Tiffany and their mother, must all learn to confront their pasts in order to be released into their futures. Trina, although spiritually strong and a woman of great faith, finds herself examing her own decisions when it comes to her love interest, Gabe, and taking on a job she doesn’t want. Trina needs the money. Her mother’s health is failing, and the bills need to be paid. The plot thickens when Trina learns that the job she has taken has the potential to destroy her relationship with her best friend, Monica. Will Trina represent an antagonist in this story? Will she actually sell her soul for the mighty dollar?

I enjoyed this selection, and appreciated, too, the subplot of Kevin’s redemption and deliverance from a painful childhood experience. The pace of the story worked well for me. I also felt like I got to know each of the characters very well, even the infamous Bishop Walker, whom I really didn’t care for.

Through supporting characters, Trina’s love interest Gabe, Tiffany, Trina’s mother, Monica, Kevin, Blanche at Silver PR and Bishop Walker, Ms. Lewis delivers a good story with a good message. Having a little faith can get you out of a whole lot of sticky situations. You never have to sell your soul. If you just trust God, He will give you all the provision you need. I believe readers will close this book with a final thought that “God makes a way every time.”

Disclaimer: An ARC of this book was forwarded to me by the author for review. No compensation was received.

Reviewed by Tavares S. Carney