THE JOURNEY | Existing In the Next Dimension

Existing In the Next Dimension
by Becky DeWitt

As I was mediating on the title, and the timing of this writing, the Lord brought back to my memory an act of faith declaration that I made in 1989 before I was a Believer. I remembered on New Year’s Eve night going to church for one hour before I went to the party. Before I went to the service and during the service , I told the Lord that I had spent the entire decade of the 80’s on drugs and alcohol, and that I would not enter into the 90’s or even waste another decade of my life in that condition. Well, the result was the conviction of the Holy Spirit which led to my salvation in 1991. There was never a day of rehab or a counseling program. It was a day of declaration and one step towards Jesus that was my deliverance. The power of life and death was on my tongue even before I was saved or knew where the scripture was that operated and produced the result in my life! (Proverbs 18:21).

The Body of Christ has not truly entered into the realm of the kingdom operation of speech. There are certain laws that God has set into operation and the law of confession is one of them. Even the many mysteries that Jesus spoke through parables for our revelation, the spoken words are in still in the atmosphere today. We have not processed the revelation for understanding the fact that His speech is still in effect. They may be written for our reading, but they were spoken first.

As a son of God, your words are important because they contain power that will create and changes things around us. We are the only ones on the planet who can read God’s word and speak it back into the atmosphere. We are His vessels who produce an echo effect by continually speaking His word. Is that the reason “the whole of creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now?” (Romans 8:22). It is your faith that springs from your heart that supplies the power of the spoken word. Even the words that you pray are powerful enough to change any situation. There is an old saying that ‘prayer changes things.’

In the book of Daniel, Chapter 10, Daniel had set himself to fast and pray for twenty-one days. He was diligently seeking the Lord concerning many matters. He experienced a great visitation unlike any other time in his life. His eyes and ears were opened to see and hear the angel of the Lord. The angel said “I have come for thy words.” (Daniel 10:12). The words that were spoken by Daniel were so powerful that God had commanded an angel to be sent unto him when he first spoke. The answer was immediately released, but the enemy withstood the angel for twenty-one days until the archangel, Michael came to help.

One might ask what were the words that Daniel spoke to have such an effect. What was in the answer that had the enemy so fearful of what was released from heaven? We know that angels hearken unto the voice of the Lord. (Psalm 103:20). The word of the Lord spoken by you is His voice in you as He is in you. Believers tend to forget that the new birth experience involves the living God taking up residence in you, His vessel. Are your words and prayers a threat to the enemy or do the assist the enemy?

As we are entering into a new decade, a new season and time in the Body of Christ, will our faith rise as we begin to speak and celebrate a new move of God? Are you willing to “remember not the former things; neither consider the things of old?” (Isaiah 43:18). Are you ready to enter into the promises of God that are just for you?

The words that I spoke almost two decades ago not only charged but changed the atmosphere and circumstances, creating a new path for my life. I now exist in the realm of the words that were spoken then. What will you speak about your future in this new decade? Will an angel come for the words that you speak concerning your future? Can your prayers open the portal to the windows of heaven with angels ascending with requests and descending with the answers? Your dreams are not bigger than what God has for you. Your eyes may not have seen, or your ears heard, and it may not have even entered into your heart as yet, but when it does, speak it out into the atmosphere. Let the Father and all of heaven know that you know that nothing is impossible with Him.

“Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy way.” (Job 22:28)