INTERVIEW | Pat G’Orge-Walker

Pat, describe yourself for our visitors.

I am a PK; both parents were pastors. I am a former member of a famous Doo Wop group as well as other vocal groups. I am also a former record industry veteran and have had several careers. Currently, I am an Essence and National Best Selling author and more commonly known as Christian Comedienne, Sister Betty. I live in Elmont, NY with my husband Rob; we have three daughters, fourteen grandchildren and four great grand. I am Pentecostal.

  • How do you find time to connect with God?

Life keeps me connected with God. Through conversation with Him and prayer to Him I always seek His face.

Do you have a favorite bible verse and or quote you wish to share?

My favorite scripture at the moment is: Jeremiah 29:11… My quote is: “God will accept you in any condition; He just won’t leave you that way.”

Who are your favorite authors? Favorite books?

I have several favorite authors and many favorite books…Two of my top favorites are: (1) Go Tell It On the Mountain by James Baldwin. (2) Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neal Hurston.

Tell us about your journey to publication.

My journey to publication began with a self-published short story book of about twenty-two pages. It was from that one short story “Sister Betty! God’s Calling You!” – a story I’d written in the 1970’s. From this one story my one-woman Christian comedy show was born as well as in 2002, a contract with a major publisher; Kensington/Dafina books. My collection of gospel comedy stories titled “Sister Betty, God’s Calling You Again” launched the Dafina Christian Line.

Tell us about your current book.

My current novel is titled; “Somebody’s Sinning in My Bed” and is my fifth book published by Kensington/Dafina Books.

Book description: Pat G’Orge-Walker delivers a wickedly funny, uplifting novel of love and betrayal. . .good karma and bad karma. . .sin and redemption.

Chyna and her sister Janelle are always moments away from a catfight. They love each other, but Janelle has never forgiven her sister for swiping her first love, Cordell. That was ages ago, and now Chyna is showing off as the First Lady of New Hope Assembly, a church that’s caught between the old ways of Holiness and new ways of serving its community. New Hope’s leader, Reverend Grayson Young, is also caught. . .in the infamous Sweet Bush lounge, an establishment well-known for adult pleasures.

With the church congregation running wild in the aftermath of her husband’s scandalous behavior, Chyna turns to her sister Janelle for guidance. But if Chyna thinks she’s getting sympathy from Janelle, she’d better think again, because Janelle’s got her own crisis. And when Cordell suddenly comes back into the sisters’ lives, what follows are squabbling, chaos, and surprises that show just how hard the road to salvation really is. . .

How did you come up with ideas for this book?

The idea came about from reading St. John 8:3-11. I also wanted to remind people to never think lesser of themselves than God does; and when He forgives you…just accept it and don’t wait on others to validate that forgiveness.

What influenced you to write this book?

I was always curious as to what happened to the man who was with the woman when caught in the very act of adultery. If she was caught then so was he. Yet the church wanted to stone her until Jesus came along and forgave her; and even after they’d left I was certain they continued to plot her demise. Should the church get to choose whether or not God is right about forgiving a particular sinner?

Did you have a favorite character(s)? Who and why?

I love all my characters from this novel, however, if I must choose it is Janelle; Chyna’s sister, and Deacon Pillar. Although they are not the main characters they bring the drama, the wisdom and all the spice.

What’s next for you?

I am working on my sixth novel for Kensington/Dafina. It is titled, “Don’t Blame It On the Devil.” (Deacon Pillar returns in this adventure.)

Where can visitors find you online?

I can be found in several places on the Internet:

  • Face Book (Pat G’Orge-Walker)
  • Twitter (sisterbetty1)

I thank you for this wonderful opportunity to present my current novel, “Somebody’s Sinning In My Bed” currently available wherever books are sold.