BOOK REVIEW | Wounded: A Love Story

Wounded: A Love Story
by Claudia Mair Burney

Gina Merritt struggles with being a single mother and her mental illness. She seeks relief by attending the Ash Wednesday service at her beloved church home. To her shock, the comfort she seeks comes in the form of a vivid vision, followed by blood flowing from her palms.

Anthony Priest is a journalist and a junkie. At rock bottom, he also seeks solace in church. He witnesses as Gina cries out in pain. Instinctly, Anthony reaches over to to touch Gina. As soon as he touches her, he instantly feels healed from his addiction. Gina takes off, clearly frightened and confused.  Wanting to find out what happened, Anthony pursues her.  Together,  they seek to understand how a Protestant African-American woman could experience the stigmata. An extraordinary love story develops between two very different people.

I’m a huge fan of Claudia Mair Burney’s novels. Wounded is probably her most literary work. While full of passion, it’s not a typical romance novel, which I really liked. It’s well researched and digs deep into Catholicism. The storyline also has several characters sharing their points of view. Claudia touches upon interracial love in this novel, which is something she does in many of her novels.

This is not a novel you would speed read through. The novel’s ending was shrouded in a bit of mystery, but I enjoyed having a reading experience that stretched my imagination.

Reviewed by Tyora Moody