BOOK REVIEW | Illusions

by Wanda B. Campbell

Denise Hightower has been married to Pastor Bryce Hightower for over three years. She’s confident in his love for her and enjoys being by his side. That is until she finds out her husband and pastor has a secret addiction.

Being the First Lady, Denise already has to deal with scrutiny and in many ways protects her husband. She tries to pretend all is normal in front of the congregation, but  when the burden starts to get the best of Denise, her self-esteem plummets. As she moves farther away from Bryce, can their marriage survive?

Bryce on the other hand is struggling to overcome his problem. When someone in his congregation steps forward with a similar problem, he’s going to have to decide if he wants to come clean. If he does, his security in being  a minister could be lost. But what option does he have, when Denise isn’t willing to continue living a lie?

Pornography is one of those taboo topics the church sweeps under the rug like homosexuality and fornication. People are aware of church members and even pastors who have succumbed to sexual sins, but no wants to out anybody. What intense pressure it must be a shepherd of a flock with such a secret.

This is a novel that in no way male bashes, but provides a unique ministry opportunity for open dialogue not only those addicted to pornography, but other sins that are strongholds. I love how the author, Wanda B. Campbell, expertly weaves the root of the problem into the story.

I started this novel 10:00 at night with the thought I would read a few chapters each night until I finished it. Not! I read well past midnight and finished this novel off in under three hours.

Reviewed by Tyora Moody

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  1. Sonya at 7:07 am

    What a powerful topic and I can’t wait to read Illusions! I will move this book to the top of the list simply because of your review; you couldn’t put the book down!