National Poetry Month | Ashea Goldson

April is National Poetry Month. We will be featuring poets who write about God and their faith in their poetry. We want to invite you to check out the Spoken Word segment of this feature on

Ashea, describe yourself for our visitors.

I’m just a down to earth church girl who loves the word of God most of all. I’m a wife and mother of two beautiful young ladies. I teach at a private Christian school that I co-own with a very good friend of mine. Working with kids is something I’ve always done naturally as well. So I run that business by day, then go home to run my own independent press and do my independent writing projects by night. So my passion is writing and I call myself a kingdom writer. I am the author of  several collections of poetry, a Christian fiction novel, and a non fiction book as well.

I’m also a member of World Changers Church Int’l and I love my church. I work in the community groups ministry hoping to help people by making my home an extension of the church, and my life a reflection of Christ’s love.

How do you find time to connect with God? 

When I first wake up, before I let anything else come between us, I like to make time for God. I pray and do my initial  Bible study early. I also pray going and coming home from work. but most importantly, I’m learning to practice the presence of God all day long, by acknowledging him in all my activities, and by praying and/or praising him whenever He comes to mind.

Can you share a poem with us?


When you speak promises

I catch the words

Rolling from your tongue

Lingering in your breath

Released into my inner ear

Tingling my ear lobes

As sweet lips

Brush against my cheek

Whispering love notes

Spraying sweet kisses

As the bridge of your nose

Nuzzles the nape of my neck

With every nerve standing at attention

Your eyes a sleepy sea of memories…


Tell us about your current book of poetry.

My current book of poetry which will be re-released for wider distribution was written for married couples and it’s called Then Two Became One. It’s a collection of poetic reflections for your spouse. They’re nice little love poems for married couples to share.

The selections are intimate but not explicitely so. They are meant to display the beauty of marriage, the spiritual miracle of two becoming one flesh.

What’s next for you?

I’d like to publish a poetry book dedicated to women in 2010 , along with my second Christian fiction release, Joy Comes In The Morning.

Where can visitors find you online?

I can be found at,, www. and most other online social networks.