BOOK REVIEW | The Someday List

The Someday List by Stacy Hawkins Adams

Reviewed by Tavares S. Carney

Happy With Me

Stacy Hawkins Adams offers us a realistic view of a woman living her life according to society’s rules and not her own with The Someday List’s main character, Rachelle Covington – wife, mother, daughter, niece, sister and friend. These very terms that Rachelle uses to define who she is becomes all too bothersome when she receives disturbing news from a friend across the miles.

Stacy Hawkins Adams writes in such a way that helps readers understand the emotional turmoil Rachelle experiences with her ex-husband, Troy, her college friend, Jillian, and her husband, Dr. Covington. After a brief separation from her well-to-do husband and family lifestyle, and after having received the challenge of a lifetime from a terminal friend, Rachelle evaluates whether or not she is truly happy.

The main character, Rachelle, deals with emotions of anger, bitterness, confusion, regret and more in this novel. Revisiting her past, Rachelle learns to and is eventually able to lean on God for assistance in addressing issues that will give her closure about lots that has transpired in her life. She not only evaluates the roles others have played, but examines self as well. Rachelle makes a conscious decision to seek God in all things after being witness to His love, grace and mercy shown upon those around her. Rachelle’s family members become an emotional support and she receives the spiritual guidance that she needs once she opens up and becomes truthful to herself.

I believe the main premise for this story is that we have to be happy with self before we can make others happy or even be in a mutually satisfying relationship with others. I think the lesson the author wants readers to come away with from this selection is to seek God in order to know and understand Him better. Be happy with self first; then add to that. This is the way to experience true happiness.

I was happy with the fact that Rachelle was willing to face her past and welcome challenges of the future. There weren’t any gaps or loose ends for me. The author doesn’t get too preachy but does convey spiritual messages to readers. Ms. Adams does a good job with character development and I appreciated getting to know each one, a little about their pasts and what got them to the spiritual level they are today.

I recommend this novel to women living their lives according to someone else’s terms and not their own. The ultimate question – Do you know who you are in Christ? To what extent will you sacrifice real joy and happiness for the sake of pleasing others?

Review by Tavares S. Carney