Book Review: Married Strangers by Dwan Abrams

Married Strangers
by Dwan Abrams

Review by Tavares S. Carney

You Think You Know But Really Have No Idea

Author, Dwan Abrams writes about relationships in Married Strangers. Three couples, at different stages in each of their respective relationships, learn through various occurrences, that communication is a key factor when it comes to having a lasting and fulfilling relationship with others.
Rayna, Aja and Shania are all in relationships filled with uncertainty. Rayna, recently married to Bryce, who leaves her intimately unsatisfied, isn’t so sure she married the man for her. Believe it or not, being an interracial couple is the least of Rayna’s concerns. Aja, married and still experiencing baby mama drama, isn’t so sure her relationship is rock solid. Trust becomes a major issue for her and her husband, Hunter. Shania, recently engaged to a man from a loving family, struggles to let things be, accept things of the past and face the future. Supporting characters Lucille, Fox, Cheyenne, Jonathan and Sunni help the story along. Subplots involving these characters will help the reader to understand reasons for certain behaviors exuded by the main characters.

The lesson I took away with me after having read Married Strangers is that the journey from not knowing to really knowing a person involves getting to know them on varying levels, as well as learning their history, what drives and motivates, as well as what pains them and keeps them from moving forward. The first step for resolving bothersome matters is to communicate them. Without communication in relationships, bothersome matters that go unaddressed can easily fester into more complicated issues.

I enjoyed the story. The author’s style of writing offered to me, personally, a bit of suspense, as I was left wondering a few times about what the underlying issues could possibly be. This kept me reading, hoping to find out the underlying reasons for things affecting each couples’ relationship. I would consider other selections by Ms. Abrams.

**Please note: This was an advanced reading copy.

Review by Tavares S. Carney