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By the Grace of God by Keshia Dawn
Reviewed by Tavares S. Carney

Through Thick and Thin

In By the Grace of God, author Keshia Dawn introduces readers to Gracie Gregory, who just knew she had met her life mate in Dillian McNab. That was, until he unexplainably walks out of Gracie’s life. This is the one event that sets Gracie on an emotional roller coaster ride. Although Gracie has the support of her parents, her best friend, Kendra, and lifelong friend Marcus, to help her move on with her life, Gracie is unable to find the resolve to let go of her failed relationship with Dillian until she finds the answer to the burning question of “Why did he leave?”

Between the mounting demands of owning and operating a business, her complex relationship with her best friend, Kendra; rekindling a flame with her first love, Marcus; and having been dealt a heart-wrenching blow by her ex-fiancée, Gracie is under surmounting pressure. She finds herself in a web of vengeance, deception and sexual immorality that would seemingly leave the average person broke down, torn apart and left with nothing or no one. Readers will discover that it is “by the grace of God” that Gracie finds the strength to forgive, live and let live.

While reading By the Grace of God, I particularly enjoyed the fact that the author allowed her main character to be strong and independent, yet weak in ways that proved humanistic and realistic. The storyline progressed in a timely fashion for me and I found myself wanting to know what happened next. The ending was somewhat surprising for me, but it is people like Gracie that prove to be the way they are, only, by the grace of God.

I would definitely read another book by Keshia Dawn.

Reviewed by Tavares S. Carney

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