New Books for Teens from Stephanie Perry Moore

Stephanie, describe yourself for our visitors.

Hello, my name is Stephanie Perry Moore and I’m a Christian Fiction novelist. I’ve been writing now for 10 years and I have about 30 titles in print. Most of my books are series for young people, but I have adult titles as well.

What I most enjoy is going to the movies and eating seafood. Inspiration to write comes to me from doing my favorite things. Hanging out with my hubby and three kids is my life’s joy. I’ve wanted to write for tv and film since I was in the 7th grade and I’m still working on that goal. So I say to all young people, knew give up on your dreams.

How do you find time to connect with God?

Daily the Lord is a part of my life as He speaks to me through people. In everyone I meet, there is a story to be told that can help someone else. Also, I love listening to gospel music, reading the word, and having a great sermon bless my soul. A strong prayer life is the ultimate thing that allows me to connect with my Lord and Savior.

Who were your favorite authors or books as a teen?

I didn’t find books that told my story when I was young. I did read, but no favorites. I am so happy for my children that they have so many different choices of books to read where they can identify with the characters.

Tell us about your current book.

I’m excited that I have two new YA book series out. One is Beta Gamma Pi series, about a fictitious college sorority. There will be five books in the series. Book 1 is called Work What You Got and I deal with being a strong leader, that uses her influence to make the world and  her surroundings better. Book 2, The Way We Roll, will be released in April. This book focuses on sisterhood and having more sister and less hood in the organization. Juicy…juicy.

My second series that came out this year is for a little younger audience. The Yasmin Peace series will also be five books. Book 1, Finding Your Faith, starts off with drama. I call this series my modern day Good Times. You know the tv show with JJ Evans and the crew. I say that because these books take place in an urban setting and it’s one thing after another. However, through the drama and chaos God is there and He helps this spunky triplet and her broken family heal. Book 2, Believing in Hope, just came out. As the saga continues so does the life lessons I pray every reader can benefit from.

How did you come up with ideas for this book?

I came up with Beta Gamma Pi books because I love my own sorority and I wanted to make sure the young generation understands that being in a sorority isn’t something to take for granted. Much is required and much is expected. I hope these books touch many lives, thus they can help make future leaders and give our world more promise.

I wrote the Yasmin Peace books because my readers that live in that same tougher environment encouraged me to do so. Most of my YA books have main characters that, though they have problems, come from two parent secure homes. What about the kids who aren’t sure where their next meal is coming from? Who speaks to them? When one asked me, ‘If God cares then why this and why that…’ I knew I had to write the Yasmin story and give hope where there is some darkness.

What are the main themes or lessons in this book?

In the BGP books, I’ll deal with leadership, sisterhood, education, Christianity, and public service. Other issues, are losing a parent, pursing a dream, lesbian issues, stalkers, hazing, Driving under the influence, and much more real stuff that affects college students.

In the Yasmin books, I deal with teen suicide, parental imprisonment, unemployment, teen pregnancy, Depart of Children and Family Services issues, modeling, stealing, sports, sibling rivalry, gang issues, drug abuse, Internet predators, grandparent loss of memory, first love, and tons more that will really speak to the heart of the urban teen.

What advice did someone give you as a teenager that still remains with you today?

What you do today either pushes you towards your dreams or tugs you away from your dreams. So make smart choices daily, if you want to go somewhere and be someone.

Do you have any embarrassing moments you want to share from your teen years?

Yes, when I was in the 8th grade, I played around with my friends and didn’t listen much in class. I did make B’s and C’s though so I thought I knew it all. Problem was when it was test taking time for high school English placement, I did not do well at all. In the 9th grade, I took remedial English. My buddies unlike me could play around and still get their work. So when I was left behind, my friends weren’t laughing with me, they were laughing at me. That was not cool.

Ms. Pulley, my strong English teacher told me I had a gift in storytelling, but I needed to decide if I was going to buckle down and get my work. Long story short, she worked with me and encouraged me. In the 10th grade I surpassed my friends and was in honor English.

Moral there, if you can get your work, don’t hold your friends back from getting theirs. If you need to work hard to keep up, don’t let yourself or others get you off track. I had to work backwards to go forward. Don’t you make the same mistake.

What’s next for you?

God is blessing me with so many new ideas. I’m coming to the end of writing the books I mentioned above and there are about 4 new projects I want to write. However, I plan to keep promoting these books I have because the book market is tougher like everything else these days. So no matter how many books I have written, publishers want to make sure you are a good investment. Therefore, for me what’s next is staying busy by both marketing and creating.

Where can visitors find you online?

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  1. Myquiche Gamble at 2:18 pm

    I currently sell the Perry Skyy Jr. Series from Stephanie Perry Moore on my website. It is a great series for young African American males. The series talks about how to survive tough situations and trust God. Thank you Stephanie for writing this series.

  2. Sonya at 5:50 am

    I am always checking Stephanie’s website for new books! She is a great author, one that I have learned from and admired for quite some time.

    Nice article, thanks for sharing.

  3. lexie at 9:03 pm

    are you going to make a new carmen browne book .
    p.s. if you do and you read this before you send out the book or make it make spence and omg i cant even think of her name anyway you should let them date. cant wait for your next book.
    love,alexis law