BOOK REVIEW | Run, Jeremiah, Run

Run, Jeremiah, Run
by Mabel Elizabeth Singletary

Nine year old Jeremiah Jones is a born runner. He runs faster than most boys his age. Trouble is ever since his grandmother’s passing his running has been getting him in trouble. When he’s sad or stressed, he runs. His running helps him cope with the loss of Grandma Joanie and the prospect of never finding a ‘forever family.’ Running gets him thrown out of foster homes and expelled from school.

The story opens with Jeremiah getting expelled from school again. He is temporarily placed in the home of a social worker, Mrs. Kennedy. Mrs. Kennedy, her husband, and their young son, P.J. help Jeremiah slow down long enough to reflect.

While in the Kennedy’s nurturing home Jeremiah learns the meaning of faith and hope in God’s promises. Throughout the book, the reader gets glimpses of Jeremiah’s spiritual foundation through memories Grandma Joanie strong words, paraphrased Bible passages. In the end, Jeremiah find the courage to be still.

Run, Jeremiah, Run is a good quick read. The introspective style and pacing may appeal more to pre-teens and adults. The spiritual lessons in the book are filtered through Jeremiah’s eyes and posed in a way that a child could understand. The book contains many moments of light-hearted action that will interest children of any age.

$6.99, 150 page

Reviewed by Linda Leigh Hargrove