The List
by Sherri Lewis

The List by Sherri Lewis is the tale of best girlfriends, Michelle, Angela, Lisa, Vanessa and Nicole, on a search for “The One”. All but one of the group has experienced what she believes to be intimate love and the loss that occurs as a result of the relationship ending.

This novel has a storyline that is sure to appeal to women waiting for their perfect mate. With true-to-life characters, and a rawness that is sure to speak volumes to some readers, the author does a good job with her character development and plot, inviting us into the world of these girlfriends, their struggles, as well as their triumphs, as they search for “The One.” While reading this selection, supporting characters Jason, Isaiah and Rayshawn enabled me to experience a myriad of emotions ranging from empathy to disgust. The characters are relatable. Readers will probably know someone similar to or just like each one.

The overall message conveyed is not just for single women, but to all women – prepare yourself, choose well and be realistic. Whether single or married, any reader will contemplate their relationship after having read this book. Are you are were you ready? What is or what was on your “list”?

Reviewed by Tavares S. Carney