BOOK REVIEW | Talk to Me

Talk to Me
by Pat Simmons

In the novel Talk to Me by Pat Simmons, the author introduces readers to Noel Richardson, an independent, wealthy and spiritual businessman with strong family values. His only perceived setback, and to varying degrees, according to supporting characters Mackenzie and Valerie, is Noel’s inability to hear. The author intertwines themes of faith and equal opportunity as the main character deals with challenges of acceptance, societal inclusion and developing even keel relationships.

After reading Talk to Me by Pat Simmons, I became more enlightened to the challenges and everyday experiences of members of the Deaf population. Reinforced messages throughout the novel are “accept people as they are” and “never make assumptions”.

Author Pat Simmons has a great platform with this novel. Readers will close the last page with a sense of understanding and perhaps a more open-minded view of the challenges faced by the Deaf population. The author does a great job of bringing the issues of an underserved population to light, while at the same time delighting readers with an intriguing romance between Noel and Mackenzie. I would definitely read another novel by Pat Simmons.

Review by Tavares S. Carney

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