BOOK REVIEW | Too Little, Too Late

Too Little, Too Late
by Victoria Christopher Murray

Jasmin Larson Bush is back. Fans of Victoria Christopher’s Murray groundbreaking Temptation, may recall Jasmin’s havoc on one marriage. The consequences of her sin from the novel A Sin and a Shame are still wreaking havoc in Too Little, Too Late. Jasmin is determined to protect her marriage to Minister Hosea Bush and keep her daughter’s real father from ever finding out the truth. Life is going along pretty good. Then, the unexpected happens.

When Hosea’s ex-fiancée, Natasia, becomes the producer of Hosea’s television show, Jasmin gets a taste of her own medicine. Almost immediately, she senses  that Natasia intends to take advantage of her close “working” relationship with Hosea. An old flame from her husband’s past isn’t Jasmin’s only problems though. She still hasn’t quite spilled all her secrets Hosea and it certainly doesn’t help that she’s living with a secret that could break-up another marriage.

This novel has two stories in one. Brian Lewis doesn’t know Jasmin’s little girl is his. But he has bigger fish to fry, so to speak, when his wife, Alexis, discovers one of his secrets. With their marriage now in jeopardy, Brian definitely wants to make sure Alexis never finds out he slept with her archenemy, Jasmin. With that knowledge, he knows their marriage would never be repaired.

Whew! Too Little, Too Late is a classic Victoria Christopher Murray special. She delivers a read that’s guaranteed to satisfy her fan-base. I have to admit Victoria is one of those authors who can truly sway your emotions when you are reading her books. Shock. Awe. Anger. Oh, no she didn’t! Plan to get an emotional work-out when reading Victoria’s novels.

She has spoken about not wanting to write anymore “Jasmin” books, but readers continue to be fascinating by this woman. In a lot of ways, Jasmin has grown as a Christian, but manages to slip back into her old ways when her old insecurities arise. Don’t we all deal with similar struggles.

Now, I would like to see another type of novel from Victoria in the future. Her writing is tight and superb in the pacing department. She knows how to create a twist at just the right moment. Still, I’m not sure I want to read another Jasmin novel. I would love to see her tackle a whole new character and write a novel that doesn’t always involve someone sleeping with someone else. There are other sins to explore. LOL! 

Now if you are looking for the “faith” factor, it’s there but very subtle.

Reviewed by Tyora Moody

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