2008 Literary Reflections – Debut Authors

We are continuing to survey authors and writers about some of their favorite books from their 2008 reading list. This week we will revisit interviews with three debut authors.

Kesha Dawn, author of By the Grace of God

I’m a mother of a very funny two-year old little girl, Chayse, who keeps me busier than I probably would like to be.  On top of that job, I’m a worker, a full-time student and writer.  I would say my hobbies include mostly reading.  I love to read!  Read more of this interview …

Nikita Lynette Nichols, author of A Man’s Worth

I’m a city girl, born and raised on the south side of Chicago that craves milk chocolate.  Old school music is my favorite but I’m also rooted in my church. Read more of this interview …

Dijorn Moss, author of My Father’s House
Yeah, another male author. 🙂

I am someone who truly enjoys his solitude. I have an introverted personally so it takes me awhile to open up to people. Most days I like to read and watch movies, but occasionally my wife manages to get me out of the house by challenging me to a game of air hockey. Read more of this interview

Did you have a favorite debut author from 2008? Leave your answers in the comment section below.