A Literary Christmas Celebration Presents LaShaunda Hoffman

My Christmas Book Memory
by LaShaunda Hoffman

My favorite books growing up as a kid were the Little House on The Prairie series. I identified with Laura for some reason. I loved her stories. I babysat to make extra money and each time I made enough to buy a new book to add to the collection I would quickly rushing out to pick up my next book.

The hardest book to find was These Golden Years, the courtship of Laura and Almanzo. I found it and made the mistake and loaned it to a friend. She tore the cover and didn’t want to give it back because she knew I would be mad. I was, enough to shed tears as I taped the book back together.

My mother gave me a hope chest for my graduation present and all my favorite books and magazines went into it. I wanted to share them with me my daughter. Yes at eighteen I was thinking about my future daughter (God gave me one who loves books as much as I do)

When I moved away from home, I left my hope chest in the basement. One year the basement flooded and I lost the chest and all my mementoes. I was devastated. A lot of those memories could never be replaced.

I know you’re wondering what does this have to do with a special Christmas memory.

Fast forward to years later, I’m a mother now and we’re at my mother’s for Christmas. As usual she has a special gift for each of her daughters. My mother has a knack for picking the best special gift. It’s like she can look into your heart and see your one desire. I pick up my present its a medium size box, kind of heavy. I wonder what it could be as I tore open the paper covering it. To my surprise it’s the complete collection of Little House on the Prairie. I cried like a baby. Typing this I’m getting teary-eyed.

I know for others they’re just books, but for me they’re childhood memories of me staying up late reading and rushing to the mall to get my next book. I’ll always be thankful for a mother who understood what those books meant to me. That was one Christmas that will forever stay in my mind. I hope my children can say they too have special memories of Christmas.

Happy Holidays everyone and may 2009 be filled with happiness and love and of course tons of books to read. Stop by SORMAG and see what the authors have for you to read.


LaShaunda C. Hoffman is also the publisher of Shades Of Romance Magazine.  An online magazine for readers and writers of multi-cultural literature. She is a contributor for the anthology, How I Met My Sweetheart. She is currently on the path to publication, working on a Christian romance and hunting for a literary agent. She hopes to one day introduce her books to readers.

You can visit her online at:

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  1. wvoices-admin at 11:37 am

    You know I loved watching Little House on the Prairie. I still do when I can catch it. But I don’t remember if I ever read any of the books. Now you make me want to go back and find them. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing LaShaunda and have a Blessed Christmas!

  2. LaShaunda at 2:50 pm

    The little house books hooked me on reading series. Laura was my inspiration for writing. I started my first journal because she wrote in one.

  3. LaShaunda at 2:51 pm

    Hit the submit button, before saying thank you so much for featuring me and my memory. I love what you’re doing with your site. Especially the POD casts.

  4. PatriciaW at 9:16 am

    Wasn’t the love story of Laura and Almanzo the best? I loved those books growing up too. Had a complete set. I don’t even know what happened to them because I left them at home when I went to college and much of what I left disappeared thanks to an insensitive relative.

  5. Missy at 11:51 am

    Laura Engels, Laura Engels…..I really did enjoy that show and thanks so much for the sweet reminder of that family up on the hill…..

    During my childhood my mom brought us magazine as well as books and recently in my dentist office I saw one of my juvenile magazine “Highlights” sitting on his table. It brought back a lot of fun time: doing the puzzles, mazes and reading the stories and answering the question; “reading comprehension” my childhood challenge.

    Thinking back I’m surprised I grew up loving books you would think just the opposite would happen…Who woulda thunk it!