A Literary Christmas Celebration Presents Lacricia A'ngelle

Christmas all month with WrittenVoicesBlog.com.  Over the next few days, we will meet the Damascus Road Authors. We recently spoke to the authors on WrittenVoicesPodcast.com.

What Christmas Means To Me

For me, Christmas is a time to reflect upon God’s love. It’s a time of unity. Christmas is a reminder of how God loved me so much that He gave His greatest gift to me, His son Jesus Christ. It is also a time to look at my own children and realize how blessed I am to have them.


Lacricia A’ngelle is the author of Girl Naw!, the recently published Christian fiction novel by His Pen Publishing. A Illinois native, this mother, licensed evangelist and self-proclaimed future best selling author is on the rise to the top!

With a writing career that began when she was just a child, Lacricia A’ngelle quickly realized that God had blessed her with the ability and an unrelenting love for the written word. She has taken her childhood talents of writing songs, short stories and even a non-fiction book as a teen, which she tossed to the side because of fear, to a powerhouse novelist who has matured in her craft thanks to God’s continued grace and HIS Pen, which helps her, put the words together. 

When asked about her genre of choice, Lacricia A’ngelle responds: "As a Christian Fiction Author, I not only write for entertainment, I also write for ministry. My goal in every piece of written work I produce is to draw someone closer to Christ. My characters face real situations and I write so that anyone who reads my work can get something out of it."

Whether young or old, when you read a Lacricia A’ngelle original, prepare to laugh, cry, pray, and stop to say "hmmm."


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    Thank you LaCricia for stopping by WV to share your thoughts. Many blessings in 2009 with your book “Girl, Naw!”